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Pompeii excavations: new light on AD 79 tragedy from Insula dei Casti Amanti

During excavations in the Insula dei Casti Amanti in Pompeii, two skeletons were found, revealing that the death of the area’s inhabitants was caused not only by the volcanic eruption, but also by a simultaneous earthquake. The discovery was made during work to secure, re-roof and re-profile the excavations of the Insula dei Casti Amanti, which also included excavation work in some of the rooms. The skeletons were lying on one side, inside a service room that was currently being decommissioned for possible repair or renovation work in the house, where people had taken refuge in search of protection.

The Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, commented on the discovery, saying: “The discovery of the remains of two Pompeians as part of the work in progress in the Insula dei Casti Amanti shows how much we still have to discover about the terrible eruption of 79 AD and confirms the need to continue the scientific work of investigation and excavation. Pompeii is an immense archaeological laboratory that has regained vitality in recent years, surprising the world with its continuous discoveries and demonstrating Italian excellence in this field.”


Source. Adnkronos

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