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The 1st Classic Boat Show makes its debut at Marina Genova

From 19 to 21 May 2023, the 1st Classic Boat Show will be inaugurated at Marina Genova, an international marina. The event will take place on the occasion of Yacht & Garden, an exhibition-market dedicated to Mediterranean gardens, which in fifteen years of activity has become one of the most important in the sector in Italy. At the Classic Boat Show, with free access for both the public and exhibitors, classic and vintage sailing and motor yachts of all sizes, for sale or for hire, will be on display. Smaller boats, such as sailing dinghies, historic motorboats, and rowing lances, will be able to stand on trolleys and be viewed by potential buyers. Free spaces will be available for associations, operators, artists, craftsmen, and dealers related to traditional boating. More than 10,000 visitors are expected.


Yacht & Garden and the 1st Classic Boat Show. From 19 to 21 May 2023, the Marina Genova marina will host two events in one. In the same context of Yacht & Garden, the market-exhibition of Mediterranean garden flowers and plants now in its fifteenth edition, where last year also vintage sails were hosted for the first time, Marina Genova will inaugurate the 1st Classic Boat Show, a real exhibition dedicated exclusively to traditional boating. During those three days, any sailing or motor boat that is vintage, classic, or reminiscent of designs from the past, including hulls for sale or for hire, subject to acceptance by the organising committee, will be allowed to moor free of charge. Visitors will be able to assess their aesthetics and characteristics, climb aboard, and deal independently with skippers and owners on any negotiations for purchase or hire, with no commission paid to the organisation. A unique opportunity of its kind, which will be advantageous for all fans of the sector because it will take place close to summer.


Small boats that can be wheeled or transported on the roof of one’s car will also be on display for free at the Classic Boat Show. These include classic and wooden sailing dinghies, powerboats, historic runabouts, canoes, rowing lances, lateen-sailed dinghies, and rowing skiffs. Some of these smaller hulls will be exhibited in the open air along the wide quays of Marina Genova. This will make it possible to admire the boats from close up, encouraging a meeting between supply and demand. At the end of the event it may also happen that a boat that has arrived on a trolley in the Ligurian capital will leave for another city following a new owner.


To all boat owners and crews taking part in the 1st Classic Boat Show the organisers are pleased to offer free of charge: mooring during the days of the event (19-20-21 May 2023), mooring starting from the weekend of 13 and 14 May including the Monday after the end of the event (22 May), a buffet dinner dedicated to Ligurian cuisine with an open bar and musical entertainment, and participation in all side events. There will also be agreements with Marina Genova’s bars and restaurants and, upon request, the possibility to anticipate or extend the mooring at special conditions. Participation will be conditional on the boats hosted being stationed in the assigned berth for the entire duration of the event, from Friday 19 May from 8 a.m. to Sunday 21 May until 7 p.m. Considering the limited number of boats hosted, admission to the event will be assessed in advance by the organising committee, after having sent a notice of participation to: or, indicating Classic Boat Show, the name of the boat with at least one photo, and a contact person.



Classic Boat Show is not just about boats on moorings or on display. Anybody linked to the world of traditional seamanship can send an e-mail requesting to participate. And the list could be endless: from associations and societies in the classic boat sector to ship-portrait artists, from shipwrights and shipyards specialising in restoration to equipment suppliers, from craftsmen to model-makers, from maritime museums to classic boat design studios, from sailmakers specialising in classic sail fabrics to collectors of books on the sea and naval history, from vintage furniture and accessories dealers to seafaring-style clothing. The Classic Boat Show will be an unmissable opportunity for all operators and enthusiasts to get to know, be informed, exchange views, and perhaps discover new or unknown aspects related to the world of vintage boating.



Giusy Murolo

Marina Genova Hospitality Desk – Via Pionieri e Aviatori d’Italia 203

16154 Genoa – Tel. +39 010 6143420


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