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International call for papers for Luigi Vanvitelli extended to 10 January

The deadline for the international call for papers to investigate and exalt the artistic personality and genius of Luigi Vanvitelli has been extended to 10 January 2023. Last August, the Reggia di Caserta issued an invitation to scholars from all over the world to participate in the International Study Conference entitled “Luigi Vanvitelli, the Master and his Legacy” as part of the initiatives planned for the 250th anniversary of the architect’s death. In view of the great success, the considerable interest aroused in the international scholarly community, and the desire to extend the institutional relations initiated as far as possible, the MiC Institute has decided to extend the deadline for submitting papers.

With the aim of enhancing the Maestro’s legacy and taking the opportunity of the celebrations to increase knowledge of his works by creating itineraries throughout Italy, following the agreement signed by the Reggia di Caserta with the Marche Region, the International Study Conference will be held in June in another extraordinary creation of his: the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona.

The call for papers is aimed at collecting international research contributions on the figure of Luigi Vanvitelli also with a specific “Young researchers” section. Scholars will be able to propose contributions on a variety of topics aimed at portraying the man, the architect, the engineer, the musicologist, the inventor, the father, the religious man, or any element that may clarify the value and transversality of his legacy.

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