The Gagini Museum is born in Catania

Catania (Italy) – The rich artistic heritage of the Gaginis will become part of an open-air museum in the province of Catania, with the aim of highlighting the works of the famous family of 16th-century sculptors from Bissone, on Lake Lugano, who were very active in Sicily in the 15th and 16th centuries.
The initiative is accompanied by an exhibition that will remain open until 25.04.2022.
The places where the works are kept are an integral part of the project, which takes into consideration not the single work seen within the single monumental structure, but the historical-artistic context in which it is inserted, with the aim of creating thematic itineraries.
During the event, a video describing the visit routes identified in the Province of Catania will be presented.
The creation of thematic itineraries, such as the one created with the Gagini Museum, is one of the actions to which the Regional Government is strongly committed and also represents the start of a broader project involving Sicily and Calabria, where the works of the great sculptors are widely documented.
The Gaginis were great entrepreneurs, extraordinary artists, creators of enterprise and creators of beauty, interpreters of an original artistic language, a synthesis of Gothic and Humanism. Enhancing their work through the idea of a diffuse museum is a way of creating interesting connections across the various territories in which they worked, offering a process of enhancing the value of macro areas by attracting stimulating travel experiences to an international tourist-cultural audience.
The creation of the Museum is the result of a wide-ranging collaboration on the territory involving numerous municipalities, university faculties, academies, educational institutions and cultural associations, which has made it possible to work on in-depth historical and documentary research to promote knowledge, enhancement and possible restoration of the works identified.
The decisive aim has been the progressive rediscovery of the “local” through the upgrading of cultural and tourist itineraries between the towns of the Caltagirone area and the Ionian-Etnean area: Militello, Bronte, Castiglione di Sicilia, Linguaglossa, Vizzini, Randazzo, Caltagirone, also with reference to the Calabrian towns where treasures of extraordinary beauty are kept, the result of the tastes of patrons who helped write the history of the Renaissance.
The project is being advised by Prof. Pasquale Faenza, conservator of cultural heritage and art historian, and is a prelude to the production of a catalogue of the Gaginis’ works, which will provide an in-depth description of the works found in the two regions. This initiative will enable the communities involved to feel part of a common history and to deepen their desire to know, protect and enjoy a priceless historical and artistic heritage that is sometimes not adequately known and valued.

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