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Antonio’s dream: a journey through art and fabric

Como – On the occasion of the exhibition Il sogno di Antonio: un viaggio tra arte e tessuto – open until 31 January 2022 at Villa Olmo, Villa Sucota and Chilometro della Conoscenza
until 31 January 2022 at Villa Olmo, Villa Sucota and the Chilometro della Conoscenza – the Antonio Ratti Foundation is organising a number of meetings until 29 January 2022 to explore the vision of Antonio
Ratti’s vision through the themes and passions that crossed his work and life: from corporate culture to architecture, from the link between art and fabric to music.
Together with the exhibition, the programme of meetings provides an opportunity to tell the life and story of a visionary
Together with the exhibition, the programme of meetings is an opportunity to tell the life and story of a visionary entrepreneur, and to pursue the idea of disseminating and sharing cultural values that he sought and supported.
Interweaving ancient textile artefacts, contemporary artworks and archive materials, the exhibition reconnects the vision and history of the entrepreneur Antonio Ratti with his places of origin, the city where his idea of business culture developed, leaving a precious legacy that is still alive today.

A conversation with Matteo Augello, Chiara Buss, Enrico David
21 January 2022, 6 p.m. at Villa Sucota (FAR headquarters), Como

Starting with the textile collection created by Antonio Ratti and now housed at the Fondazione, the conversation combines research, art and the history of textiles to trace the path traced by this legacy. The study of textiles and the history of fashion are intertwined with interpretations and elaborations by visual artists and designers, recounting the many lives of the collection. Reassessing textiles as a form of language is a characteristic of the Foundation, which opens up a dialogue with contemporary art in particular. Chiara Buss, a costume historian, Matteo Augello, a fashion historian, and Enrico David, an artist whose practice has recontextualised the role of artefacts in art-making.

Travelling concert at the exhibition in collaboration with the Conservatory of Como
29 January 2022, 6 – 8 pm
at Villa Olmo, Como
Antonio Ratti’s collection of LPs is a heterogeneous, minimally preserved collection that reflects the many inspirations, worlds and sounds that Ratti nurtured over the years. From Afro-jazz to classical music, from American folk to Asian music, Antonio Ratti’s records become an opportunity to experience a path that combines vision and listening. Involving the Jazz, electronic and classical music departments of the Como Conservatory, the finissage of the exhibition Il Sogno di Antonio (Antonio’s Dream) will be an opportunity to “auscultate” the exhibition space from a sound, as well as a visual, perspective.

The meetings are free of charge and must be booked in advance
For information and bookings:

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