Donating a miniature tea plantation is an original and symbolic gesture

Cernobbio (CO), November 2021 – Giving a plant is already a great gift in itself, it means giving life. Donating a miniature tea plantation is an original and symbolic gesture. Precisely for this reason, Orticolario has chosen as a gift idea for Christmas 2021 the Camellia sinensis that, in addition to making more elegant the garden or the terrace, offers the possibility to sip your own tea, Italian, quality, zero kilometer.
On sale this refined and elegant camellia, from whose leaves is obtained the most popular drink in the world, born in the tea plantation of the Company of Lake Maggiore, the largest in continental Europe. The availability is limited to only 200 pieces.
The entire proceeds will be donated to the “Amici di Orticolario” Fund for the support of social projects of charitable associations that operate in the Lake Como area and for the cultural projects of Orticolario, aimed at promoting the knowledge and appreciation of the natural and artistic heritage and to ensure the
conservation and protection.
With its many buds, which bloom into white flowers at the arrival of winter to the delight of eyes and bees, Camellia sinensis is a Christmas gift with many meanings: it symbolizes a feeling of esteem, gratitude and admiration; between lovers it represents the perfect union, while given to a man it is a messenger of good luck. It is also a resistant plant, particularly suitable for the lake climate: it is enough to place it in a non-calcareous
it is enough to place it in a non calcareous soil, whereas if it is left in a vase it is good to keep it in the shade. “Camellia sinensis is a special plant, evergreen as the curiosity of a nature lover must be – says Moritz Mantero, president of Orticolario. Its flowers are very loved by bees, while its buds, in the hot water, create a real magic, turning into a good opportunity to relax”.

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