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Don’t miss. The seduction of Carmen and the magic of the Nutcracker at TAM

Having finally returned to the stage, the Balletto di Milano has been awaited for over 18 months at the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan, where it will be present with the two great titles Carmen and The Nutcracker, both performed with live music by the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Gianmario Cavallaro.

Carmen is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters in the history of opera and in the collective imagination she is the embodiment of femininity and seduction. Beautiful and nonconformist, passionate and desired, she challenges anyone who wants to subject her, using her charm and personality to get everything she wants. Moved by the love of freedom and independence, she remains unconditionally faithful to herself even though she is aware that this will lead her to death. Carmen is a gypsy, a gypsy who believes in the destiny she has read in the cards, but she does not hesitate to challenge Jose, the man she has bent to herself, for the last time, even though she knows that he will kill her.

Balletto di Milano’s Carmen is inspired by Prosper Mérimée’s novella and Bizet’s opera of the same name, but opens up to new interpretations without betraying tradition. The “Destiny” plays a decisive role, leading the story and revealing itself through the symbols of the cards: love, betrayal, death. It is always beside the beautiful gypsy until it reveals the imminent Death in a fascinating face to face on the notes of the Habanera. The famous piece in which Carmen appeared bold and seductive, now sees her face the man who will soon take her with him.

The ballet is full of engaging choreography, from the passionate pas de deux to the lively ensemble dances of Gitani, Soldati and Sigaraie, which engage the excellent ensemble in an atmosphere of energy and passion, underscored by Georges Bizet’s wonderful music.

The talented young Arianna Capodicasa makes her debut in the title role, while Alessandro Torrielli impersonates Destiny. Don Josè, the bullfighter Escamillo and Micaela, respectively Alessandro Orlando, Federico Mella and Marta Orsi, are the other main performers.

It is magical and has always enchanted audiences. Christmas ballet par excellence, The Nutcracker is one of the most beloved repertory ballets and in the version of the Ballet of Milan you can find what you expect. There is no shortage of Christmas trees growing on the stage, mice and toy soldiers, the long-awaited dancers in toe and glittering tutus, and the nutcracker who transforms into a very elegant prince. In a crescendo of astonishing enthusiasm one is led into that dreamlike world of snowflakes and dancing flowers, joy and festivity which culminates in the explosion of colors and virtuosity of the divertissement and the final grand pas de deux.

Elegant and beautiful is the mise en scène in 1920s style with pastel tones by Marco Pesta, lively and brilliant is the choreography by Federico Veratti, splendid is the interpretation of the dancers of the Milanese ensemble that stand out for their high technical level and extraordinary artistic versatility.

In the role of Clara, Giordana Roberto and Marta Orsi alternate alongside the fabulous Prince of Federico Mella and the eccentric Drosselmeyer of the always superlative Alessandro Orlando. The divertissement of the second act involves Arianna Capodicasa and Alessandro Torrielli in the Arabian dance, Giusy Villarà and Germano Trovato in the Spanish, Marta Orsi and Federico Micello in the Russian, Giulia Cella and Mattia Imperatore in the Chinese, Annarita Maestri, Gioia Pierini and Alberto Viggiano in the pastoral.


Ambassador of Italian dance with its extraordinary performances around the world, the Balletto di Milano is considered one of the best Italian dance companies. Founded by Aldo Masella and Renata Bestetti in 1980, since 1998 it has been directed by Carlo Pesta and in the course of its history has collaborated with great artists and choreographers of international renown. It boasts a stable nucleus of carefully selected dancers coming from the best international schools and academies and a wide and exclusive repertoire of neoclassical and contemporary productions.

In Italy it collaborates with all the most prestigious theaters, opera foundations and festivals where it is always a great success with audiences and unanimous critics. The Ballet of Milan was the first Italian company to perform at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and is also acclaimed on the prestigious stages of England, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Morocco, Egypt, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway. The next season is expected in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and is one of the most popular Italian companies abroad.

The activity of the Balletto di Milano is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Lombardy Region and the City of Milan.

Arcimboldi Theatre – Milan

November 3 at 9 pm

Carmen – ballet in two acts on music by G. Bizet

choreographies Agnese Omodei Salè, Federico Veratti

Arcimboldi Theatre – Milan

11 December at 9 pm – 12 December at 4 pm

The Nutcracker – ballet in two acts to music by P.I. Tchaikovsky

choreography Federico Veratti – scenography Marco Pesta – costumes Atelier Bianchi Milano


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