On the Footsteps of the Saints to know the heart and the faith of Christian Rome

Rome: there is no city in the world richer in history and artistic beauty. From the archaeological finds, the streets, the palaces, the temples and the customs of the Roman civilization, up to the Christian Rome: with the tomb of Peter, the martyrs, the saints, the relics, the artists, the churches, the faith, the religiosity and the culture… Visiting Rome means not only to know 2.773 years of history of the civilization, but to listen to the stones, the paintings, the sculptures, the architectures that tell the extraordinary events of men and women who have been apostles, martyrs and saints. It means retracing the events linked to the name of the 266 Popes who succeeded one another in the Eternal City. And precisely to rediscover the experience of faith and spirituality of the City of the Popes, the project “In Rome in the Footsteps of the Saints” was born. Eight different itineraries in which you will visit the homes, churches, places of martyrdom, catacombs, relics, places of worship and devotion of the Christians of the origins: St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Priscilla, St. Agnes, Constance, Praxedes, Domitilla, Prisca, Sabina, Cecilia, Francesca Romana … and then again: the Marian Shrines of Divine Love, the Grotto of the Virgin Mary at the Three Fountains, Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Santa Maria in Trastevere, Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Maria del Popolo, Sant’Andrea delle Fratte. And also guided tours of the Domus Ecclesiae, of the First Basilicas and the Pilgrimage of the Seven Churches… A touristic and spiritual journey that enlightens and enriches the mind, and above all lights up the heart. A journey during which even the most dormant faith can be enlightened thanks to the stories, the archaeological finds and the cultural and spiritual manifestations of early Christianity. The spirituality lived by the saints and the people is represented and combined in the paintings and sculptures of the sacred architecture. The relics are the living fire of the Christian memories of the origins. The pictorial and sculptural representations of the sacred texts make the faces, the stones, the relics become living objects that speak and tell a rich and deep spirituality, so that the language of art dialogues with the soul of each visitor. Each itinerary contains a journey through history, archaeology, mystery and spirituality. More adventurous than an Indiana Jones movie! At the end of each itinerary, participants will discover that their minds chase a thousand paths that lead to heaven… and their hearts are filled with the peace and joy that belong to women and men of faith. And then – which never hurts – good food and excellent wines to complete a pilgrimage that nourishes the body and spirit. The project “In Rome in the Footsteps of the Saints” was conceived by the association “Catholics for a Civilization of Love” – www.microprogetti.org – and by the Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi; it is promoted and organized by Orbisphera.org and Dreamtour. (Antonio Gaspari). For any information: +39 06.4818341 – info@peregrinatio.it


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