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50 posters on the walls of Venice to tell its 1600 years of history

Venice, October 2021 – Visit Venice looking at it with black and white shots when it is shrouded in fog, or captured by a still image at high altitude. Or, why not, seen through the balustrades of the Island of San Giorgio or from a postcard shot of one of the most photographed bridges in the world, that of Rialto.

Historical moments that tell the story of Venice and that are enclosed in an unusual exhibition, set up on the walls of the city: 50 posters with a Qr Code able to transform the passing spectator into a photographer at the same time.

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The open air exhibition is called “Promoting Beauty. Venezia 1600” and traces the history of the international promotion of the Serenissima by Enit – the national tourism agency.

The Qr Code captured on the posters links to the section dedicated to the exhibition on the web-app, where each visitor can view some of the posters and measure his or her personal knowledge of all that Venice and the surrounding area represent in the tourist imagination.

“Promoting Beauty. Venice 1600” was born from the collaboration between the Authority and three institutions of the territory – the City of Venice, Ca’ Foscari University and the Venice Pavilion – on the occasion of the celebrations of the anniversary of the 1600th anniversary of the founding of the city.

“The open air exhibition in Venice is part of the project that began in 2019 to enhance the centennial and very deep ENIT cultural heritage consisting of archival documents, real works of art such as prints, author lithographs and historical relics that testify to the evolution of Italian customs and society,” explains Enit President Giorgio Palmucci.

The exhibition is divided into six sections: Art and Architecture, Gender Scenes, Festivals and Festivals, Islands and Crafts, Cortina, Territory and Palladian Villas.

The historical posters are framed on a Venetian red background to celebrate the city of art that hosts it, thus celebrating the birth of the Serenissima. The images on display have been selected from Enit’s historical digital archive and refer to black and white photos and posters from the 1930s to the 1960s and from covers published in the Agency’s historical magazines from the 1920s to the 1960s.
And after the open-air exhibition, the journey moves to paper: in fact, a catalog is being produced containing the images of the open-air exhibition with the addition of a wide selection that constitutes a true journey through historic Venice.

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