On the schnapps and alpine pasture trail through the beautiful landscapes of Kufsteinerland

Birding rowan. Pear. Hot pepper. Juniper berries. Apricot. Raspberry. Apple. These are some of the ingredients to create signature spirits. The Kufsteinerland, the beautiful region of Tyrol, invites you to taste (but also to participate in distillation courses) delicious grappas, liqueurs, brandies. A true tradition handed down from generation to generation, going back in time: 2,500 of the 4,000 Tyrolean distilleries have the right to distil since the time of Maria Theresa of Austria. Autumn is the ideal season to visit the Kufsteinerland, its natural landscapes and traditions. Guided tours provide a detailed insight into the hard work behind the production of spirits: thanks to guided tastings, you can learn to evaluate clarity, different fruit aromas and aromatic notes.

The four distilleries in the Kufstein region make the schnapps route an unforgettable experience: you will embark on an exciting and tasty journey of discovery through the great variety of Tyrolean schnapps and immerse yourself in the secrets of perfect spirits. The “Zum Messerschmied” distillery in Ebbs, the “Brennoase” distillery in Langkampfen, the “Höck” distillery in Schwoich and the “Stix” distillery in Thiersee are veritable laboratories of taste, where fruit is practically transformed to combine with other precious ingredients to make up the various distillates. Stills are put into operation to show the sophisticated technique of distillation, which has been used for centuries to distil.

Tasting with the right glass: the art of glass making

And for a truly special tasting, enter the field the famous hand blown glasses of Riedel glassworks, which knows how to combine the perfect shape of glasses to what is being tasted. Since 1756 Riedel has been inventing different shapes to please different wines and spirits. Inside the laboratory you can admire live the creation of the famous glasses and decanters. Hundreds of different shapes for the perfect tasting. Inside the famous glassworks you will have the chance to observe glassmakers at work and to learn more about the art of glass, inside the interactive museum. The “Sinnfonie”, the multimedia presentation of the Riedel glassworks, invites you on a journey through the world of glasses and the senses. Pleasure and fun. An experience with all the senses. An adventure of sensory perception.

Alpine pasture flavors

But the gourmet autumn also continues in the alpine pastures in the midst of Alpine nature: breakfast in these heavenly corners is a spectacle not only for the eyes but also for the palate. The scent of coffee can be smelled in the air and mixes with that of the woods. The artisan butter and the different types of fruit jams are a symphony of flavors. Organic products, natural ingredients and regional recipes. Amidst enchanting pastures and rolling hills, you can visit the Aschinger Alm dairy, which is located below the Aschinger Alm mountain hut on the slopes of the Zahmer Kaiser: during the summer it is the summer home of the cows that produce the milk from which true rarities are made. The scent floods the alpine dairy interior: one wheel of cheese stands next to another. Gerhard Ritzer, the cheesemaker, proudly shows guests the aging room and explains the recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation, following ancient traditions. Here you can taste butter, soft cheeses, yoghurt and many different types of cheese, first and foremost the “Bergkäse” (mountain cheese), a true rarity that has been awarded several times in international competitions. In addition to alpine cheeses and other dairy products, you can taste many Tyrolean specialties such as Speck, smoked sausages, alpine salami, honey and schnapps.
If you want to taste the best local specialties in an authentic Tyrolean atmosphere, you can have lunch at the Brentenjochalm: dishes prepared with care according to traditional recipes. Among the specialties: pancakes accompanied by homemade jam. An experience to be enjoyed with all five senses, surrounded by an enchanting landscape.

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