Siena Awards 2021: the world of photography and visual arts meet in Siena

Siena is preparing to welcome great international photography and the world of imagination with a new edition of the Siena Awards. The event will take place in compliance with the anti-Covid-19 regulations, but looks beyond the pandemic with new ideas and perspectives, ready to animate Siena and its surroundings from October 23 to December 5 with a rich program of exhibitions, workshops, photo tours, seminars, conferences, screenings and guided tours to discover the territory. The special guest, for the first time in Italy, will be the American photojournalist Steve Winter with “Big Cats”, the largest retrospective ever made on him. The visual arts festival will also give space to the works of many other great international targets, starting with Brent Stirton, icon of photojournalism, and to the collective exhibitions that will bring together extraordinary shots and videos from all over the world, awarded in the three competitions promoted by the Siena Awards: “Siena International Photo Awards”, “Creative Photo Awards” and “Drone Photo Awards”.

The curtain of the Siena Awards 2021 will rise on Saturday, October 23 with the inauguration, in the presence of Steve Winter, of his retrospective “Big Cats”, set up in the spaces of the Museum of Natural History of Siena for the duration of the festival. On the same day, the Teatro dei Rinnovati will host the prize-giving ceremony of the “Siena International Photo Awards”, “Drone Photo Awards” and “Creative Photo Awards” competitions and will see great personalities of international photography take to the stage. From the following day, Sunday, October 24, until Sunday, December 5, it will be possible to visit all the exhibitions of the Siena Awards.



Siena Awards 2021 Exhibitions. The retrospective dedicated to Steve Winter, “Big Cats,” will bring together powerful and moving images that the American photographer took during his career as a conservation photojournalist for National Geographic, aiming to raise awareness of the issue of big cat species conservation. The spectacular images of snow leopards, tigers, pumas and jaguars will take visitors on a journey of discovery of some of the world’s most elusive wildcats photographed by Steve Winter in their natural habitat: from the Himalayan mountains to the jungles and grasslands of India, from the Rocky Mountains of Western America to California, and the Amazon rivers of South America. Uniting each shot will be Steve Winter’s exceptional lens, capable of highlighting the beauty of these felines and, through it, informing us about the threats they face every day in sharing their habitat with man. As Steve Winter himself says: “I’m trying to find images that people have never seen before, that will give them a reason to care not only about the animals, but also about the ecosystems in which they live”.

The “La Tinaia” Cultural Center in Sovicille, a few kilometers from Siena, will be the setting for the monographic exhibition of Brent Stirton, a South African icon of photojournalism who has won several awards for his reportages published in major international newspapers. Awarded “Best Author” at the SIPA, Siena International Photo Awards 2020, Stirton aims to make the world aware, through his shots, of the barbarity inflicted by poachers on animals in countries such as Africa,

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