La Molisana’s “Carbonara” of sea food

For those who love the sea and want to savor the flavors and scents, La Molisana presents the perfect recipe for summer evenings. The chefs “Chef in Camicia” have reworked the classic carbonara creating a first course with a marine flavor, fun and colorful: the “Carbonara” of the sea.

Long pasta and egg base are here enriched with seafood ingredients, for a creamy and tasty dish starring the Spaghetto Quadrato La Molisana: the workhorse of the Campobasso pasta factory, the Spaghetto Quadrato® La Molisana was born from the careful study of the Abruzzo-Molise regional tradition of homemade pasta. Believing deeply in the potential of spaghetto alla chitarra, produced with a special tool that looks almost like a guitar or a zither, La Molisana decided to promote it beyond regional borders by creating Spaghetto Quadrato®, today one of the most popular pasta shapes among Italians. Rough, full-bodied, tenacious, it practically never shakes and captures the sauce on all four sides. In this dish it is combined with the excellence of the sea: from Swordfish to Salmon, from Tuna to Bottarga and Caviar.

Seafood carbonara
Difficulty: Easy

Servings size: For two people

Total preparation time: 30 minutes

La Molisana square spaghetti, 300 g;

Swordfish, 100 g;
Salmon, 100 g;
Tuna, 100 g;
Extra-virgin olive oil, to taste;
Fine salt, to taste;
Egg yolks, 3;
White wine, 5 ml;
Wild fennel, to taste;
Bottarga, to taste;
Caviar, 20 g; (optional)
Sprouts, to taste (optional)

First, bring plenty of lightly salted water to the boil.
In a boule pour the egg yolks, the white wine, a pinch of salt, the chopped fennel and the grated botargo. Bring everything on the fire, in a bain-marie, and emulsify everything by pasteurizing the eggs, stirring continuously with the help of a whisk.
Once our egg sauce is ready, thick, smooth and homogeneous, set it aside.
In the meantime, drop the La Molisana Spaghetti Quadrati into the previously heated water and cook.
In the meantime, cut the three fish into regular cubes: tuna, salmon and swordfish. Season with oil, salt and pepper and leave to marinate for a few minutes. Lightly sear on all sides.
Drain the pasta, stir in the egg cream, add the previously blanched fish and serve on a plate.
Complete with a few quenelles of caviar, some sprouts to decorate and a few leaves of wild fennel.

Is there any ingredient missing?

It is possible to replace the swordfish, tuna and salmon with other types of fish that we prefer, according to our tastes.
It is possible to substitute white wine with a dash of white wine vinegar.
It is possible to replace wild fennel with dill or parsley.

Recipe realized by: Chef in Camicia


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