White truffle of Alba, the season starts, purchases and bookings open

“Tuber Magnatum Pico” is considered the most prized by Gourmets all over the world. The White Truffle d`Alba is harvested exclusively in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato territories, it is not a cultivable tuber and is a natural sentinel of the territory. The White Truffle d`Alba has a velvety outer surface, ochre-greenish in colour and the flesh is white-yellowish-greyish with thin white veins. Its pleasantly aromatic fragrance makes it unique. The White Truffle d`Alba is born only in Piedmont (Italy) and the harvest takes place from 21 September to 31 January. At the start the purchases and reservations, unfortunately in this case the first ones will be the first and the others will unfortunately remain dry mouth as the availability is always very limited.

The White Truffle d`Alba should be served raw, cut into thin gills on both cold and hot food. Ideal with “Pasta Tajarin” (Pasta Tagliolini), Risotto, on Cheese, on Raw Meat, on Porcini Mushrooms and Royal Pizzas. The aroma of the White Truffle d`Alba is particularly exalted on fried Eggs.

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