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Luxury heels inspired by the universe of seduction and fantasy

The new brand makes its debut with e-commerce and Milan showroom in via Montenapoleone. From the footwear tradition of the Baldan family are born décolletés, sandals and slingbacks made with precious materials, hyper-feminine details and craftsmanship. Collections untied by seasonality and identified by their own “Floor”: Stardust, Mad, Bitingwhip, Bondage and Secret, with the iconic key heel that encloses an invitation: open your dreams.

Milan – Luxury shoes to seduce, play with your fantasies, express your identity free from the rules. Real jewels made with precious materials and unique handmade details, to be worn to leave a strong mark of your personality. These are the proposals of Revolver Requeen Venexia, the new Italian luxury brand that combines the tradition of the best Made in Italy (signed by Baldan, synonymous of excellence for over seventy years) with a rebellious and unconventional vision, that of the brand manager Beatrice Baldan, flanked by designer Fabio Panzeri. “Revolver Requeen Venexia embodies sensuality and elegance to be interpreted in a very personal and original way – explains Beatrice Baldan -. We have focused on collections that do not follow the seasonality, with models from 34 to 44, all characterized by a particular and precious detail: pompoms, tassels, bows, braided ropes, braids and scooby-doo embellished with small cones that clink at every step. And then the iconic element, the heel: stiletto, prism or key. The key that opens all the doors, that reveals or seals the secrets and symbolises the invitation of Revolver Requeen: open your dreams”.

Each Revolver Requeen Venexia line of shoes features a unique and original detail that identifies a Floor, a special floor where to leave room for a precise fantasy, and each Floor has its own Rooms, each one combined with a different model.
Stardust is the Floor where glitter is transformed into brilliant stardust. The Bondage Floor is inspired by the practice of shibari, with details of knots and woven ropes made of unusual materials in shapes and sizes. The Bitinghwhip Floor, which plays with the imaginary linked to whips, is the one in which the utmost craftsmanship is expressed: in the Room 379 model a cascade of braids and scooby-doo is embellished with as many as 188 metal cones all applied by hand, one by one, with absolute precision and maximum attention to detail. Prism heels and colours such as fuchsia and pearl grey characterise the shoes on the Mad Floor, with its ironic, crazy and funny models. Finally, the Secret Floor has as its protagonist the key-shaped heel that makes Revolver Requeen Venexia shoes immediately recognizable.

“The theme of the key that can open all the doors is linked to the concept behind the Revolver Requeen Hotel, our showroom in via Montenapoleone in Milan – continues Beatrice Baldan – an idea born almost naturally with all the secrets that a hotel room knows how to keep, having lived moments in the life of each guest, secrets that will never be revealed from the walls of that room. And so all the numbers that identify all RRV models acquire a particular secret meaning for each one”.
The Revolver Requeen Hotel, located in a period building at number 9 on Milan’s fashion symbol street, with its velvets and mirrors evokes the atmosphere of old French clubs. Access by appointment only to live a unique experience while admiring and trying out the collections, with a personalised service.

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