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Nougat festival. From Ruby chocolate rose to gluten-free nougat

Cremona (Italy) – It is simply good the product based on egg white, dried fruit and honey really drives everyone crazy and will be presented in great variety at the Preview of the Festa del Torrone 2020 in the streets of Cremona from October 16th to 18th. From the novelties of Sperlari Zanzibar Fondente with Pistachios pralines (18%) and Torroncini Zanzibar Fondente with Pistachios pralines in shades of pink, with the new range of Ruby chocolate, a recently discovered chocolate, without colorants and aromas, characterized by a very particular taste, slightly acidulous, intense aroma and fruity notes that go perfectly with the paste of Sperlari nougat.

Vergani will also be present with its own stand in Piazza Stradivari, where it will display the entire range of its products, including nougat, a nougat speciality with two lines of assorted flavours: fruit flavours (raspberry, lemon, orange, berries and exotic fruit), classic flavours (almond, cappuccino, almond crisp, amaretto). In addition to nougat, there will also be another typical traditional product: Cremonese mustard, as well as a wide range of chocolate pralines and delicious packs of marrons glacès.

The Rivoltini company, on the other hand, will present a symbol of the Mantuan pastry shop, known since the times of the Gonzaga family, the Sbrisolona, which takes its name from the delicious crumbs that form when it is broken by hand, the way it is traditionally eaten. In the past it was called the “three cups cake” because of the equal quantity of its three main ingredients. Based on this principle, Sbrisolona di Rivoltini is made with the same quantity of almonds, butter, flour and sugar, thus guaranteeing a unique quality and taste. Thanks to this, PAT (Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali) certification has also been obtained, thus making Sbrisolona part of the list of products that, linked to a place and history, are made according to the rules of tradition and have been consolidated for at least 25 years. As well as tasting it naturally, Sbrisolona can also be “softened” with a few drops of aged grappa or brandy, or accompanied by zabaglione, sweet wines and coffee.

Only honey, with no added sugar, according to Sardinian tradition, can be tasted in the specialities of Licanias de Sardigna, whose products vary from traditional almonds or walnuts or hazelnuts to flavored almonds and myrtle, almonds and lemon and strawberry tree. Recently the flavours almonds and coffee, almonds and liquorice, peanuts and salted caramel, lemon and ginger almonds and pistachio have been introduced. Greedy novelties will also be presented by the company Nardone: sponge cake torroncini soaked in liqueur and covered with dark chocolate.

The nougat shop on the occasion of the Anteprima will present delicate notes of nougat with walnuts, rich in essential oils retained by the white paste that perfectly match the taste of Sardinian honey, creating a unique and unmistakable nougat based on Sardinian honey, egg white and wafer. Among the peculiarities the Sardinian company will also propose gluten-free nougat.


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