An Italian story of Love and Beauty

Italy – Her name is Laura Breda, the very young girl from Brescia (Brescia – Lombardy – Northern Italy), the protagonist of a love story and success story to make anyone envious. Laura is a girl in her early twenties, intelligent, beautiful, cultured, cultured, curious and sparkling in the soul, precisely because of these characteristics, she has to be tightened the planned life, inexorably punctuated every day and every opportunity is good to escape to new adventures, to places and cultures to discover, emotions to absorb to cope with the normality of everyday life with its gray scale.

On one of his trips abroad he met a handsome guy, an equally wonderful brunette from Cefalù (Sicily – southern Italy) who has all the colours of his land in his eyes and the savoir faire of a contemporary Latin gentleman. A friendship is born and after returning to their respective cities, there is still an overwhelming desire to meet again. The Sicilian blood does not lie so at the first opportunity the handsome Sicilian goes to Brescia where Laura has organized a weekend to discover Franciacorta. There is definitely something different, the emotions and colours of this newborn relationship push Laura to take her suitcase and move to Cefalù, upsetting her whole life. A big risk many would say. And yet those who don’t take risks don’t take a chance and recite an ancient Tuscan saying that never before in this circumstance fits the bill. The Sicilian atmosphere, the colours of the sea and the sky that embrace the rocks and the Mediterranean maquis, Cefalù itself in its being so particular with those Arab-Norman characteristics that tell its story, glimpses of other times that make emotions never ending, make Laura pull out of the drawer her dreams and her skills.

After a lot of work, with the meticulousness and perseverance typically Nordic, realizes true masterpieces combining the beauty of the north and south, immortalizes views, landscapes, delicacies, steals fleeting moments at the time and with special techniques prints them on precious fabrics such as modal cashmere lurex Como. A very pure Made in Italy. The idea is to bring the wonder that Sicily offers in the world and in fact it succeeds perfectly because foreigners are crazy about his creations, inside every garment there is an irreplaceable element: Love.

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She is so much in love with Sicily that Laura aims to contribute to the preservation, restoration or even just maintenance of these magical, unique and extraordinary places, offering part of the proceeds of her work. There would be much more to tell in the name of Beauty and Love that can be perceived in this story, for example the events she organizes for her guests maybe on board of a beautiful boat, at sunset in front of the Aeolian Islands with an icy and refreshing aperitif. A hymn to happiness made of dreams, work, ingenuity, creativity, generosity, the greatness of being. Let’s hope it’s contagious!

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