The Neapolitan pastiera for Easter 2020 will be prepared at home

From the confectioners of Cuori di Sfogliatella di Napoli the exclusive recipe to learn how to make an innovative version of it

If every year continues to be the recipe most searched for in search engines, it is probably due to its complexity, unique taste and the link it has with Easter, but it is likely that the Neapolitan Pasta Maker will be one of the most experimented sweets in the homes of Italians even during the extraordinary quarantine they face.

The pastiera is traditionally a short pastry chest filled with a mix of ricotta, custard, wheat and candied fruit enriched with fragrant orange blossom aromas. The recipe varies from neighborhood to neighborhood in Naples and each family has its own and so the Cuori di Sfogliatella pastry shop, which has made innovation its flag, could not help but reinterpret it, offering it in new versions alongside the more traditional ones. The most popular novelty has recently been a cold version: the shortcrust pastry becomes a base and the taste of the pastiera is completely found in a fragrant cream made with all the ingredients of the Neapolitan dessert. For all those who are at home and want to experiment with new recipes, the Pastry Chefs of Cuori di Sfogliatella have created a homemade version.

Cold pastry of Sfogliatella Hearts

Ingredients for making shortcrust pastry:

200 grams of butter
150 grams of sugar
50 grams of water
1 egg
500 grams of flour
2 grams of baking powder
Untreated lemon and orange peel, preferably organic or garden peel.


Mix butter at room temperature, sugar, eggs, water, flour and flavourings with vanilla extract.  Grate one lemon and one orange peel and knead everything together for a few minutes. Leave to rest covered by a film.

Ingredients for the custard:

300 grams of wheat
300 grams of milk
300 grams of sugar
250 grams of ricotta cheese
100 grams of candied orange peel
vanilla, millefiori aroma
2 egg whites


Cook the wheat with milk until dry. Add the ricotta, 250 grams of sugar, candied fruit and flavourings. In another bowl whip the 2 egg whites with the remaining 50 grams of sugar and add them to the previous mixture.

Composition of the pastry:

Flour a pastry aluminum mold. Take the shortcrust pastry and roll it out with a rolling pin. Cover only the bottom of the mould, not the edges, and bake in a hot oven at 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Once the base has cooled, pour the cream and store in the freezer for 3 hours. Keep at room temperature before serving.


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