Coronavirus. Radio for Italy, a unique event in Italian history

On Friday 20th March at 11.00 a.m., all the radios will join in the broadcasting of Mameli’s Hymn, Azzurro, the Song of the Sun and in Blu Dipinto di Blu. At the end of the radio broadcast all the ships of the Navy in the different national ports will sound the sirens on board at the same time

Italy – For the first time ever in the history of Italy, all national and local radio stations will join together for an unprecedented common broadcasting initiative: THE RADIO FOR ITALY.
These days the radio is more than ever an instrument of companionship and comfort, whose voice will be heard on unified frequencies FRIDAY 20 MARCH AT 11.00 a.m., when all the radios in Italy will broadcast the same programming simultaneously, even on all platforms Fm, Dab, on television and streaming on the radio sites and Apps.
At 11.00 a.m. on the dot the extraordinary broadcast will open with Mameli’s Hymn and then continue in order with Azzurro, La Canzone del Sole and Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu, all songs that have made the history of Italian music.
After the joint airing of the radios, 70 ships of the Navy, in 7 naval bases, for a total of 5212 men and women crew members, will play the sirens on board at the same time, to witness the cohesion and participation of all, to overcome together this difficult situation.
This unique initiative wants to give even more strength to all Italians and to Italy, which must go ahead united, showing cohesiveness in this moment of world emergency.
A message of union, participation and connection, which has the hope of bringing everyone together at the same time of sharing.
The national radio stations will participate in the initiative: Rai Radio 1, Rai Radio 2, Rai Radio 3, Rai Isoradio, M2O, R101, Radio 105, Radio 24, Radio Capital, Radio Deejay, Radio Freccia, Radio Italia Solomusicaitaliana, Radio Kiss Kiss, Radio Maria, Radio Monte Carlo, Radio Radicale, Radio Zeta, RDS 100% great successes, RTL 102.5, Virgin Radio.
In addition, local radio stations belonging to the Associazione Aeranti-Corallo and the Associazione Radio Locali FRT-Confindustria Radio Tv will also participate.
The whole country is invited to tune in to their favourite radio station, turn up the volume, open the windows and go out on the balconies to sing all together, waving the tricolor or showing a symbol of Italy, for a moment of reflection and good hope for all.
The call of the radio stations to participate in this extraordinary initiative is addressed to everyone: Italians living in Italy, our compatriots living abroad and all the citizens of the world who want to tune in.

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