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Strolling through the villages of italy

From Molise to Lombardy, a journey into the most authentic heart of Italy, where art and history meet treasure chests of nature at breakneck speed.

MOLISE – In Castel del Giudice (IS), the village of regeneration

Among the peaks and woods that touch the skies of Alto Molise and Abruzzo, the small village of Castel del Giudice (IS), symbol of rebirth of the internal areas of the Apennines, is wrapped on a hill, thanks to environmental and social regeneration activities and sustainable tourism. Walking through its streets, one finds oneself, as if by magic, among the small stone houses of Borgotufi, the albergo diffuso born from the recovery of the abandoned houses and stables, which climb the narrow streets that have the names of ancient apples and embrace a panoramic square. The spectacle of nature can also be admired from the windows of the Il Tartufo Bianco restaurant, specialized in truffle cooking, and from the panoramic wellness centre. In the valley you can see the trees of the Melise organic apple orchard, which in spring is a riot of blooms, where you can immerse yourself by taking part in walks and guided excursions. Hops and barley are also grown here, from which Maltolento agricultural beer is made and the bees of the Apiario di Comunità buzz. Mountain biking, walking in the woods, rafting, forest bathing, are the favourite activities of visitors to this splendid Molise village, ideal for discovering the other small villages, the nearby Samnite archaeological areas and nature reserves. On the other hand, the New York Times has included Molise among the top destinations to visit in 2020. Tel. 0865 946820,

UMBRIA – In Gubbio (PG), the village that is the symbol of the Middle Ages.

Among the most fascinating villages to explore in Umbria is Gubbio, a medieval jewel with a very ancient history. It is a pleasure to walk its narrow streets up and down the historical centre, stopping among gardens, craft shops and panoramic viewpoints. Until you reach Piazza Grande, an extraordinary example of a hanging square that opens onto the landscape, with the imposing Palazzo dei Consoli with its barrel vaults, frescoes and wooden furnishings. Do not miss a visit to the Ducal Palace, built by Federico da Montefeltro, with a reproduction of the Studiolo di Gubbio with inlaid decorations. To visit Gubbio is also to retrace the events of St. Francis, who chose this place to strip himself of all his possessions. Here the story of “brother Lupo” develops. It is therefore worth discovering its churches, such as the Church of San Francesco, and then reaching the Abbey of Sant’Ubaldo, on Mount Ingino, more than 800 metres above sea level, by flying on the cable car that connects the heart of the town with the hill. And to experience the story of Federico da Montefeltro, just 15 km to reach the Castle of Petroia, a manor shaped like a medieval village on a hill overlooking the green. Here the Lord of the Renaissance was born and from here you can walk along the paths that rejoin the Path of Peace of San Francesco. Tel. 075 920287,

EMILIA – In Bobbio (PC), the village of Ponte Gobbo and the cinema

Cozy and full of artistic wonders Bobbio (PC), a village in Emilia among the most beautiful villages in Italy, is recognized for its famous Ponte Vecchio, called Gobbo, for its particular irregular structure on the river Trebbia: it is one of the oldest bridges in the Apennines dating back to Roman times. Wandering around the old town allows you to discover the many monuments, including the Cathedral, stately buildings, the Scriptorium, a center of primary importance where the texts of knowledge were copied, the beautiful Abbey of St. Columbanus founded in 614. The Museum of the Abbey collects art objects, even of Roman times. Walking along the castle road, you will reach the top of a hill, where you will discover the Malaspina Castle from the fourteenth-century origin. There are many activities that can be done in nature, including trekking, rafting, hang-gliding, and cultural activities, especially those related to cinema. Marco Bellocchio has in fact chosen Bobbio as the seat of his School of Cinema and the Film Festival he directed. To visit Bobbio and the villages of Emilia:


LOMBARDIA – In Tremosine sul Garda (BS), on the thrill terrace

It is the only village on Lake Garda to be part of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It can be reached by following the exciting Strada della Forra, defined by Winston Churchill as “the eighth wonder of the world”, a winding road stuck in the rock built in 1913 where the Brasa torrent dug a crack. Once in the heart of the village, it’s nice to get lost in the alleys, admire the old washhouse and then remain breathless on the “terrace of the thrill”, suspended in the void at 350 meters above sea level near the Church of St. John the Baptist, where there is an extraordinary view of Lake Garda, the coastal road and Mount Baldo. Tremosine sul Garda, located in the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, a protected natural area of incomparable scenic and environmental value, consists of 18 hamlets, one on the Riviera and the others scattered on a plateau overlooking the landscape between the blue lake, the peaks reflected in the water, the green. To visit Tremosine and the beautiful villages in the province of Brescia:

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