The romantic garden of Palazzo Cocozza in Montanara

Italy – It is located in the medieval village of Piedimonte di Casolla the Garden of Palazzo Cocozza di Montanara (Caserta) which until the 16th century was a place of production of vegetable gardens and hemp, but in the second half of the 19th century, thanks to the Marquise Luisa Cocozza di Montanara, it took on a landscape aspect of considerable emotional impact with the roar of water that animates and flows through this paradise. Confirming the uniqueness of this enchantment was Pier Paolo Pasolini, who in 1970 chose it as the set for a novel by Boccaccio, ”Caterina e l’usignolo”, for the film “Decameron”, which appeared to him as an Eden suspended between eros and innocence.

A rose garden of “Ronsard” is among the protagonists of this garden, so much so that it even creates particular optical illusions. The roses seem to come out from ancient cups of blue agapanthus at the foot of orange trees, holm oaks, Phoenix Canariensis, cedars and pines, pomegranates and flowering hedges, artefacts of tuff, stones and friezes in the mixture of historical substratum in which the Mediterranean romantic garden is grafted and the contemporary reinterpretation of the English landscape architect Peter Curzon.

Five terraced levels where oranges with various borders, Abelia, Anemone japonica and Leonotis leonurus in orange, find a perfect habitat, the pomegranate avenue just above sheltered to the eye by a topiary backdrop of Laurus nobilis and an eighteenth-century basin of white marble are the emblem of a romanticism of yesteryear.


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