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The Sommelier of Confetti is born

Italy is today defined as the “homeland” of sugared almonds, being one of the major producers of this typical sweet and inevitable in every ceremony. It is in this context that the Sommelier Dei Confetti was born, a new professional figure that during weddings and ceremonies realizes a guided tasting of handmade and made in Italy sugared almonds selected among the best Italian productions.

The service, the first in Italy, was designed by Pierluigi Pizzone and Myriam Giovannini who have surveyed over 50 artisan confectioneries throughout Italy and identified the best “bon bon” in the country to offer the opportunity to taste the real sugared almonds, made with the highest quality raw materials, thus giving back the right value to this characteristic and historical sweet (its origin dates back to 400 BC, in fact, in Roman times).

The Sommelier Dei Confetti, starting from the origin of this small and tasty bon bon, offers a new way to live the sugared almond instead of the usual type of candy, creating unique tasting experiences: through the “dulcis method” the Sommelier gives life to a real attraction, offering tastings of selected sugared almonds in combination with specific dishes and drinks at different times of the ceremony or meal.


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