The other wine, the one that tells the story of the territory

A beautiful book entitled “Natural wine for all” that explores the magical art of producing natural wine, obtained from vines grown in a sustainable way and made with spontaneous fermentation of the must, without adding other substances (present in conventional wines) except in some cases a minimum dose of sulfites or sulfur dioxide that should still be avoided altogether.
The author Alice Feiring, journalist and writer from New York, known for being a passionate supporter of natural wine and a champion of the movement that highlights the characteristics and virtues, in this latest book aims to explain to everyone through clear and simple texts what are the key words of the world of natural wines, how they are produced, what is their history and how to appreciate them, going beyond a first approach not very reassuring. The volume ends with fairs and wine bars where you can find these wines and put yourself to the test. The book is believed to be an authoritative reference on the subject as there are not yet any on the market.

Italian version

Series: Slow Wine AsSaggi

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