Malo Forever, a perfect service

The historic Florentine brand specializing in cashmere knitwear launches the service of regeneration of its garments

A true artisan repair and regeneration service that takes place in the Malo laboratories where each garment is carefully examined, repaired where necessary, washed with care thanks to the use of very delicate soaps that make the fibres even softer to the touch. After washing there is the shaving, essential to eliminate any “shot” due to use over the years. In this phase the garment is gently combed by hand in all its parts. In the skilful hands of the craftsmen of Malo, who take care of all the details, each garment regains body and shine, refurbished for a new life.

To take advantage of the service, it is necessary to go to one of the Malo Boutiques to present the garment of the brand to be regenerated. The staff in the Malo stores will be the main point of contact during the whole process, from the collection in the Boutique to the return.

“Each Malo garment is made to last, it leaves the Florentine workshops practically perfect in every detail, then it will be the history of those who chose to make it unique. A sweater with a perfect fit, a warm and enveloping scarf, something given as a gift, handed down, worn several times, each one has a special garment that can bring to mind memories, to awaken emotions. If well cared for, high quality knitwear will last for decades, our professional regeneration service is part of this process. The most precious garments are created to last, they are part of life, elements of memory”, says Walter Maiocchi, President and owner of Malo together with Luigino Belloni, Sales Manager, and Bastian Mario Stangoni, Production Manager.

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