The Terraqueo World illuminates Portofino

On 13 December, an artistic and cultural event born from the collaboration between the Municipality of Portofino, Geometry Global Italy and Maestro Marco Nereo Rotelli will illuminate the heart of Portofino, the first step of a communication project aimed at enhancing the Ligurian village as a model of absolute beauty and symbol of the balance between nature and culture.

Portofino – In the heart of the most famous and exclusive tourist destination of the Ligurian Riviera will be officially presented Mondo Terracqueo, an original installation by the Venetian artist and the first step of a complex project aimed at enhancing and giving new life to Portofino as a microcosm of land and sea, a model made of beauty and a symbol of a possible balance between culture and nature.

The 250 cm high sphere will be located in the middle of the port and will be reached through a floating walkway: a new path that will take people in the middle of the sea to discover precious messages of environmental sustainability. Made of steel, it will feature the words – engraved by fire – dedicated to the sea and the planet, from the greatest poets in the world. The heart of the project and the installation itself is light, a true stylistic feature of Marco Nereo Rotelli. The sphere has been created thanks to the collaboration with Banci, an Italian company leader in the luxury lighting sector, which has skilfully mixed craftsmanship and technological innovation.

During the night the globe will light up from the inside, making the engraved words even more evident, while a music inspired by the sounds of water – specially created by DJ and radio host Alessio Bertallot – will spread from within the sphere, integrating vibrations, notes, voices of different cultures and musical styles, in a perfect alchemy between ancient and contemporary style.

The poetic message will be accompanied by scientific information provided by the Aquarium of Genoa and the Foundation of the same name, active parts of the project that through the monitors located on the structure of the World Earthquake will provide information, data and graphics on the health of the sea.

“Is beauty ill? How can we help you? Is the planet sick? What do we have to do to solve a problem that affects everyone?” – commented the artist, Marco Nereo Rotelli – “The answer is already in the action of this magical installation, capable of transmitting to the senses, with the energy of art, the depth of poetry, the magic of music, the truth of science that invite us to believe again in the human being for a new awareness and a commitment of knowledge and willingness to participate for the good of the planet.

Through the Mondo Terracqueo project and the powerful visual impact of the artistic installation, Portofino starts a process of updating and enhancing its image. While remaining faithful to its tradition and vocation for elite tourism, Portofino claims its relevance as a choice of a conscious tourism and reference point for that sustainability that elsewhere is trying to recover and apply.

“The project that we are starting with the event Mondo Terracqueo has ambitious objectives for a local administration and a small community like that of Portofino” – says Matteo Viacava, Mayor of Portofino. “However, we have received in custody a heritage of natural beauty and landscape, traditions, culture and respect for the resources of the territory that has no equal and that it is our responsibility to enhance the best, taking it into the future.

Roberto Ongaro, of Geometry Global Italy, the creator of the concept and strategy of the project, concludes: “Spreading the values of sustainability at local and global level is an ambitious objective and with Mondo Terracqueo we want to make Portofino a true ambassador through the universal language of art and poetry”.

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