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The secret to fighting cold and cellulite? Chilli

At Il BonTà in Cremona, from 9 to 12 November, the Italian Chilli Academy will unveil the secrets of the multifaceted element, as well as having “Tabasco di Calabria” and chilli coffee tasted

Italy, Cremona – Many people know about the alleged aphrodisiac properties, but perhaps not everyone is aware of what chili can do to help combat cellulite, every woman’s cross. “Cellulite – says Marcello Brunetti, director of the School of Aesthetics and Physiotherapy in Rome -, can be reduced in its dysmorphic aspects both by the oral intake of chili and by the topical one in the form of a hyperemizing mask. The facial mask does not exceed a temperature of 37° C. It is thus excellent in the treatment of devitalized and prematurely aged skin. Similar experiments have been carried out at the Terme di Agnano with sulphurous mud rich in chloride, sodium carbonate and potassium. “We started making beauty masks with our mud enriched with chilli powder – says Dr. Antonio Di Fraia, former health director of the spa -. It must be said that this unique ingredient enhances the rejuvenating action of the thermal mud”. At Il BonTà, the Salon of Excellence in Food and Wine in the Territories, one of the great protagonists will be chilli pepper, thanks to the Italian Chilli Academy. The Show, now in its 16th edition, has 2,000 local artisan products and last year was able to attract more than 30,000 visitors. This year the exhibition space has expanded by 20% giving space to products from 16 different regions. From 9 to 12 November, in the pavilions of Cremona Fiere, you can admire the exhibition “Peppers from the world” with 50 varieties from every continent and you can ask for any information on this particular element to Enzo Monaco, president of the Academy and the Word Chilli Alliance, the international association that promotes spicy culture worldwide.

Another property that perhaps not everyone knows is that chili can help fight cold and flu. In 100 g of chili peppers there are in fact 229 milligrams of vitamin C, compared to 50 milligrams in orange or lemon. The highest concentration present in nature. Chilli peppers can be taken with peace of mind without fear of excesses. It is soluble in water and is not accumulated in the body. Its action is reinforced by the presence of naicin (vitamin PP), which keeps the capillaries elastic, and vitamin E, which increases the oxygenation capacity of the blood. The presence of vitamin A is also sensitive: in 100 grams of chilies there are 824 milligrams of this vitamin. Just think that there are 123 milligrams in broccoli and 485 in spinach. For the same quantity, only the parsley beats the chilli with 943 milligrams of vitamin Alta and also vitamin B12. In 100 g there are 3 milligrams against 1.8 of broccoli, 0.4 of spinach and 0.6 of parsley. However, it is essential to consume fresh chili peppers. In dried peppers, these substances are reduced by 50%.

At Il BonTà it will be possible to taste real goodies made with chilli pepper. At 1pm on Sunday, in the Artusi room, the Suriano di Amantea company will present “Amante-o” the newborn “Tabasco di Calabria”, the first fermented chili sauce made only of Calabrian chili peppers. An explosion of exciting scents to customize delicious recipes and stimulating cocktails. A careful selection of blends of chili peppers, processed in a process lasting more than a year, has led to a product for which a name has been chosen evocative face: “Amante-o” to evoke the roots with the territory where it was born, Amantea in the province of Cosenza, in an exciting Calabria with its scents and flavors. The speciality, presented by Enzo Monaco and Giancarlo Suriano, will be tasted with the cocktail “Il viaggio” that last month won the first prize in Rome in the competition “Symposium-Triumph of taste”. Followed by the tasting of another delight and another absolute novelty: the chili coffee offered by the company Arnone of Cosenza, already known throughout Italy for its extraordinary coffee flavoured with anise and licorice. Finally, the Colavolpe Company of Belmonte (Cs), leader in Italy for the specialties with figs, will present its new “fiery”, especially the “Stromboli”: a praline of dark chocolate with a soul of chili.

The BonTà is the Exhibition of Excellence in Food and Wine of the Territories to be held in the CremonaFiere pavilions from 9 to 12 November. The exhibition dedicated to authentic flavours and high quality food is a unique event in which the food and wine excellence of the typical products of the territories, combined with food education and new market needs, meets the interest of consumers and operators in the sector. The exhibition also includes a space dedicated to catering professionals: the BonTà Professional, which allows you to touch the best of professional equipment. The third strand of the event is dedicated to beer: Special Beer Expo. Here the specialty breweries of the territories meet professionals and fans of the world of beer, creating the ideal context to discover original combinations, innovative trends and to discuss the latest news in terms of administration and consumption of special beers.


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