The heavens in a room.  Wooden ceilings in Florence and Rome in the Renaissance

Itay, Florance -At the Uffizi, Sala Detti and Sala del Camino from 10 December 2019 to 8 March 2020

The exhibition illustrates the wooden coffered ceilings, called “skies” in the Renaissance. Constructive and ornamental elements of the interior space, the ceilings are a compendium of technique, art and symbolic representation, which updates the ancient culture, in the refounding that between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries involves churches and palaces in Florence and Rome. The exhibition will include drawings, mostly from the Uffizi collection, illustrating ancient prototypes, from the Domus Aurea to the Temple of Bacchus in Rome; projects by the Sangallo family, Vasari and the workshop, Michelangelo, Zucchi, Maderno and others; and the monumental load-bearing trusses. Paintings, engravings, models and authentic Renaissance lacunars will enrich the exhibition. Interactive devices will show wooden ceilings of Rome and Florence, chosen among the most beautiful and important.

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