At the feet of the gods. Ancient shoes and their fortune in the culture of the twentieth century

Italy, Florence – At Palazzo Pitti, Museo della Moda e del Costume from 17 December 2019 to 19 April 2020, the exhibition Ai piedi degli dei. Ancient shoes and their fortune in the culture of the twentieth century

The history, the social role and the symbolic value of footwear from the classical world to the contemporary are the subject of the exhibition.

In the Greek world, for example, the status and class of belonging of a person was also distinguished by the height of the soles, colors and decorations of the shoes he wore. The exhibition shows the main types of shoes used in the period between the fifth century BC and the fourth century BC, found in archaeological contexts of northern Europe. Representations on reliefs, figurative vases and statues will integrate the archaeological nucleus, which will be flanked by a section dedicated to the fortune of ancient footwear in the culture of the twentieth century, through two complementary points of view: fashion and cinema. Shoes by the greatest Italian designers of the last century will be exhibited together with models of the most famous Italian manufacturer of footwear for the cinema, the Pompei Shoes, for some of the peplum films that have become real cult, from Cleopatra to Quo Vadis, from Ben Hur to Gladiator.

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