Fassamano, new life to the past

Fassamano Instant Reading Glasses

Italy – In 1300 in Venice there was an elegant pair of neck glasses for reading maps and tickets with a small handwriting. In the 18th century, instead, it spread more like a jewel to be shown off than as a corrective aid to the sight. It was January 9, 2018 when Fassamano was presented for the first time in Florence in the schedule of events Pitti image at the gallery Botticelli in Via Maggio.

Sophisticated design neck glasses designed by Cristiana Vannini, designer and art director of Fassamaneria srl, which heads the brand, which fascinates foreign audiences so as to become a global phenomenon. But let’s go by order, what is Fassamano? The idea was born during a dinner with friends when no one can read the ‘wine label, and soon becomes a solid business reality. The current market, in fact, did not offer, until now, a solution to major vision problems, Fassamano, however, allows you to respond to the visual stimuli to which we are subjected every day quickly and easily without having to waste time looking in bags for glasses, “analog object in a digital world” explains Andrea Camerana, co-founder of Fassamaneria srl. “You wear it to have it always at hand and bring it to your face quickly. A micro architecture for the face, a frame for the look, a useful and fanciful accessory for a dandy or radical chic look.

It’s the past that is revisited in a modern key by Cristiana Vannini and can be worn as a broche on a man’s jacket or worn around the neck thanks to the chains that are part of the line designed in collaboration with jewelry designer Laura B and Sharra Pagano.

The rims of the frame are in Mazzucchelli 1849 acetate, hand-polished by Computer Numerical Control; the metal part is in laser-cut nickel silver with galvanic treatments and protective varnish. All this for a weight of 20 grams, 9 color variations and finishes and a correction of presbyopia from +1 to +3.5 diopters. The elegant neck goggles also won the Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design category at the Golden ‘A Design Award and Competition 2019, which awards the best design project distinguished for quality, innovation, sustainability.

The Fassamano is the reading glasses for those who do not see well from close up but know how to look far. It embodies the essence of Design, craftsmanship, elegance and refinement. It gives new life to the past that shines again in this object that represents the true work of the Made in Italy workshop.

Giulia Checchi


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