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Lysistrata on stage in Cyprus

The triumph in Syracuse and tomorrow, July 12, a new debut, in Cyprus. The Inda Foundation opens the tour of the 2019 season with a prestigious event, two replicas of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata, at the Curium ancient theatre in Cyprus. For the National Institute of Ancient Drama it is a return to Cyprus, 5 years after the last time, when in Nicosia, in the amphitheater Makarios III, was staged Coefore-Eumenidi, directed by Daniele Salvo.

The show directed by Tullio Solenghi with Elisabetta Pozzi in the role of Lisistrata, the Genoese actress was Clitennestra in the Coefore-Eumenidi directed by Daniele Salvo and staged in Cyprus 5 years ago, has been included in the program of the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama, one of the most anticipated events of the season in international stone theaters. The International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama was born in 1997 and is organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cyprus Centre of the International Theatre Institute and the Cyprus Tourism Organization. The event, which from 28 June to 27 July will present 5 different productions, has been awarded the Effe Label (Europe for festivals, Festivals for Europe) three times.

The cast directed by Tullio Solenghi will perform at the Curium Ancient Theatre, 19 kilometres from Limassol, on 12 and 13 July. The text, performed for the first time in Athens, at the Lenee of 411 BC, stars Lisistrata and her decision to summon the women of Greece persuading them to implement a sex strike with the aim of forcing men to sign the peace and end the war. The comedy was included for the second time in the program of classical performances at the Greek Theatre of Syracuse after the 2010 edition. The translation of the text by Aristophanes is by Giulio Guidorizzi, the scenes and costumes by Andrea Viotti, the choreography by Paola Maffioletti, light designer is Pietro Sperduti, Marcello Cotugno is a collaborator and musical curator.

“Lisistrata is the first real heroine of women’s emancipation – these are the words of Solenghi – I’m referring to the occupation of the Acropolis by women, aimed at confiscating the financial means to continue the war, but that as a result shows us a first intrepid example of female government. This is absolutely not negligible when placed in Greece in the fifth century BC when the state was organized with a clear distinction of roles between the male and female elements. Lysistrata is also great and above all for this reason, because with its brilliant resolution it succeeds in subverting, even if temporarily, this rigid establishment by exhibiting for the first time a sort of healthy universe upside down”.


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