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The elegance and sensuality of the Maison Celestino closes Altaroma 2019

The elegance and sensuality of the Maison Celestino hovers softly at the colors of sunset over ancient Rome and closes the official review of Altaroma 2019.

Like butterflies throbbing with light and colour, the emotions of the soft textures of the sophisticated S/S 2020 Collection vibrate in the golden aura of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza, directed by Enrica Palmieri, on the Aventine, winning not only symbolically the challenge with the ephemeral.

More than 30 cocktail and grand soirée garments, with ritual closing with a wedding dress, inspired by the sunset in the capitals of the world, unique for the quality of their fabrics and their sartorial workmanship, make up a sophisticated collection with fluid and airy lines and chromatic panels soaked in sunlight.

Opened by the elegant moment of dance curated by the choreographer Brunella Visau and the dancers, under the artistic direction of Giovanni Scura, the fashion show moved intensely on light registers dyeing the colors of the ‘golden hour’ reflected on the collection signed by the designer Flavia Pulignano.

The hairstyles created by the hair stylist Mariassunta Acri and her staff are evocative, as is the make-up created by the Ida Montanari Academy, under the supervision of Enzo Piscopo. Press Office directed by Maria Christina Rigano.

There was a considerable number of visitors, including professionals, national and international press, representatives of institutions, the world of fashion and entertainment.

“An exclusive event – says Caterina Celestino, spokesperson for the Maison – that marks another important moment in the affirmation of a brand that identifies itself with the real made in Italy and that, in the name of style and quality, brings back to life the authentic emotions of its history, pushing them in flight beyond time”.


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