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Hevō stages the AI 19_20 collection

Italy – The protagonists are technical garments with an urban chic interpretation key, slightly oversized coats that have made the brand’s history, but also knitted covers and sophisticated trench coats.

It is a collection dedicated to metropolitan men, refined and sporty at the same time. Men with a modern attitude who are not overwhelmed by the trends of the moment, but rather grasp the best and decline it according to their style. And the outerwear will be that extra garment to tell something about itself and get out of the homologation. Men who choose garments made with experimental, technological, functional and minimalist fabrics in a delicate balance between innovation and tradition, history and contemporaneity.
Lightweight, comfortable, easy to carry, the new Hevō technical garments have the same concept of research that has always characterized the brand, but in particular they investigate the world of city technicians. Here, then, are detachable interiors, reversible combinations and drawstrings for closing the caps for a Hevōlution concept.
Part of the company’s DNA, the study of coats is now a must. Proposed in all shapes, in solid or fancy colours, single or double-breasted, they are always sophisticatedly over for an attentive consumer.
A new interpretation of the over-knit cover with a wide, high collar, a narrow, sloping shoulder and a slightly over. Upper casual trench coats: attention to cut and choice of materials for a casual and informal style. Vintage designs and soft fur collars characterize them.

The lines are simple and essential; the interiors are so clean and linear that they speak for themselves. Themes, textures and colours define the character of each individual garment. Exclusive, deliberately difficult, so masculine as to please a woman, are the patterns in shades of white/brown, black/écru, green/brown and again, in wool, in black and white, red and black, green and black. Blue, military green, lightened earthenware and blue are the chosen solid colours.

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