A Renaissance skeleton resurfaces from the bowels of the Uffizi

The perfectly preserved remains of a woman found in the excavation area adjacent to the hall of San Pier Scheraggio

A Renaissance skeleton emerges from the bowels of the Uffizi: it is the perfectly preserved remains of a woman, presumably dating back to the end of the 15th century. The remains are to be found in the area of the excavations adjacent to the hall of San Pier Scheraggio, which was once a church: even before the Uffizi were built and ‘incorporated’ the spaces, it was a place of worship very popular, among other things by Dante Alighieri. The archaeological excavations, carried out at this point in the galleries (by the cooperative Archaeology, under the guidance of the Superintendence) for about 20 years, have brought to light a portion of the basement of the ancient religious building, which, as was the custom centuries ago, were also used for burials. The skeleton, indicated with the identification code 101, will now be taken to the archeoanthropology laboratories of the Superintendence for examination and analysis.

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