Palermo. The 395th Feast of Santa Rosalia has ended

With the religious procession of the Holy Relics of the Sanctuzza through the streets of the city has officially ended the 395th Feast of Santa Rosalia Palermo, which recorded, on the night of July 14, the record presence of 600 thousand people.

It was a historical edition from different points of view: from the union of the Religious and Artistic programs, designed with the aim of involving all devoted citizens, to the realization of the Triumphal Wagon within the House of Reclusion Calogero of Bona – Ucciardone, with the direct involvement of prisoners, with a view to a process of social inclusion and redemption that goes beyond the days of the festival.

There are many other absolute novelties that have contributed to the success of the 395th Festino, starting with the program #aspettandoilfestino2019, which from March to July, with a series of artistic and cultural events, accompanied the people of Palermo to the final celebration of the Sanctuary. And then again the restoration, after one hundred years, of the ritual of the Offering of Wax, an event that inaugurated the 395th Feast, involving in a single procession all the Confraternities devoted to Santa Rosalia and citizens, lay people and believers.

The recognition and appreciation by the thousands of people who participated, as never before, the night of July 14, was also possible thanks to an engaging artistic program, designed by Lollo Franco and Letizia Battaglia, which brought to Palermo, among others, companies of international artists ensuring amazing and exciting performances, made possible thanks to the perfect coordination and management of the impressive organizational machine directed by Vincenzo Montanelli.


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