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The #fruit dryer is in vogue

Leading a healthy lifestyle is… social. Proof of this is the Top 100 hashtag world rankings where we find the #healthy hashtag with over 100 million posts.

The health philosophy that has invested the globe is also reflected in Italy, cradle of the Mediterranean diet, nutritional model par excellence, where in 2018 there was a boom in sales in the fruit and vegetable departments. A result that has also involved the consumption of dried fruit, a food that in the last decade has been revalued as a valuable ally of health, doubling sales.

This success has also been confirmed by the search engines, which since 2009 have recorded a constantly growing trend in relation to the word “dried fruit”, which has been questioned in relation to health and wellbeing issues. Nutritional values, properties, benefits, but also pregnancy and cholesterol are just some of the key words most associated with the research.

And it is above all the social networks that are intercepting the new trends in natural nutrition and the search for well-being. From breakfast to snacks, to lunch and dinner, dried fruit has become a protagonist of the post social linked to hashtags #healthyfood and #healthylifestyle. Even the diets followed by the most famous celebrities make it an essential element: from Kate Hudson, to Cindy Crawford, up to Miranda Kerr, depopulate the shots of tasty and nutritious bowls based on fresh fruit, grains, seeds and of course dried and dehydrated fruit.

That social networks have the power to influence, even positively, users’ choices is no longer a matter of doubt. This is also confirmed by the emergence of a new type of influencer: the health or nutritional influencer.

They are dieticians, nutritionists, but also sportsmen and fitness specialists who, through the sharing of recipes, advice for nutritious and balanced meals and activities dedicated to psychophysical well-being, promote a food culture based on balance, engaging in a real activity of scientific dissemination against food misinformation.

And dried fruit, of course, is the protagonist of their recommendations for well-being.

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