Liberated Fashion and the défilé of rebirth

The disruptive force of a woman who knows how to tell how clothes are able to spread emotions and feelings, travel and exploration.


From 2013 Silvia Bisconti, with her project Raptus&Rose LA MODA LIBERATA (Raptus&Rose THE FREE FASHION), tells with her clothes a life made of study and travels around the world in search of Beauty outside the rules. The refined details of his works are the result of important stories, experience in the fashion industry and refined research, traditions and cultures encountered in different parts of the world.
The brand was born after an important and full curriculum of collaborations in fashion houses such as Romeo Gigli and Malìparmi. After twenty years of experience in the field, Silvia decided to “free fashion” to give life to her own narrative-sartorial project: Raptus&Rose makes yarns and fabrics a pretext to tell stories without boundaries.
An unconventional fashion atelier, housed in an old typography with large windows in Belluno, where new ways of seeing and dressing are created, imagined and told.
In his “flowery” place of transformation, research and invention, with his team he produces high quality Made in Italy creations for ordinary women, but always looking for original pieces. Raptus&Rose in fact consists of small Limited Editions, modulated around models with an essential cut – pijama pants, coats, fluid skirts, soft knits – made with sartorial stitching, precious embroidery, dyeing and hand prints.
For the designer, the raptus is the creative act par excellence, where the fundamental basis is the breaking of the standard fashion schemes, breaking the commercial logic that regulates the purchase of fabrics. A choice that led her to travel in search of the perfect fabric. Silvia’s policy is to visit the places that preserve the history of weaving and decorative sartorial art and rediscover the beauty of little-known manufactures. The place in the heart of the designer is India, but it explores all the countries where you can meet the manufacturing excellence.
Clothes that can excite the wearer and a narrative ability that also passes through the “social” sharing of his travels. A series of shared moments between moulds that decorate the fabrics with complex patterns, bright colors and cuts of precious fabrics. The 32,000 followers on Instagram are not clients of a brand but open ears and eyes wide open on stories of handcrafted invoices and decorative and textile processes from distant worlds and his artistic tailoring workshop. Narrative threads interwoven with research, studies, travel and a concept of beauty as the only weapon capable of overcoming the distance of the social to transform them into a place of choral sharing.
Not only are his creations out of the fashion market schemes, but also the idea that Raptus&Rose’s FREE FASHION goes out of the seasonal logic, floods the streets, parading among the people in many free and open squares from Venice, Turin, Pietrasanta, Milan.

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