The Temple of San Biagio in Montepulciano

Montepulciano, Tuscany – The Temple of San Biagio participates in the fourth edition of “The Long Night of the Churches”, the great white night scheduled for Friday, June 7 from 21:15 in 150 Italian and international places of worship. An evening in which culture, art, music and theater will merge in a key of reflection and spirituality. For the 2019 edition, a common theme was chosen, that of light, understood in its many nuances, starting from a question that wants to be addressed to visitors: “Which light will I let myself be illuminated by?”.

For the occasion, after an introduction to the theme and the evening with the choir Vox Jubilans, at the Temple of San Biagio in Montepulciano will be proposed a new photographic reading of the Renaissance building designed by Sangallo, by some members of the Photoclub Poliziano, a reading of the poem “Passaggio a…” by Mario Luzi and an artistic reading of the stained glass window by Michelangelo di Cipriano da Cortona, all interspersed with musical interludes with organ. At the end of the evening it will be possible to access the loggia of the Canonica.

“We are very proud to be taking part in the fourth edition of this precious international initiative – explains the parish priest Don Domenico Zafarana -. It will be a way to raise awareness of the many beauties of the Temple of San Biagio, considered by the Ministry as a “first-rate national monument” and one of the most studied architectural monuments in Italy. The theme of light is very much present in the building, especially through the window that will be illustrated next Friday from the theological point of view, as well as artistic.


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