Sferracavallo. Recommended for those who love life, landscapes, authentic flavors

Italy, Sferracavallo (Palermo) – We are in the magnificent city of Palermo where everything is history, art, breathtaking landscapes, scents and flavors. Palermo is a must at any time of the year but in spring its beauty is enhanced by explosions of colors and the scent of orange blossom. The ancient alleys of the center tell its millenary history, the palaces mark the tastes of every invader, the churches overflow with wonderful works, the chapels are in every corner testifying to its past and its engaging legends, while its old port – the Cala – confirms the seafaring tradition, all dotted with kiosks that prepare lemon drinks and any other fragrant and tasty delicacy. But today we want to talk about a fraction of Palermo, a jewel nestled between the sea and the mountains must see: Sferracavallo.

Sferracavallo is an evocative seaside village that presents itself to the eyes of tourists with a terrace square on the enchanting bay, where the scent of salt fills and purifies the lungs. The village with its old colored houses, the friendliness and hospitality of the people unchanged over time, the fishing boats wrapped in the charm of an ancient trade, expresses all the authenticity of a people still rich in values.

Sferracavallo is synonymous with good food and fresh fish of the day. Numerous small restaurants parade along the shore of the sea, but to be truly enchanted, we suggest you visit the Antico Chiosco where you will be warmly and genuinely welcomed, where the taste of the sea and its fresh fruits accompany the joy of listening to stories of an island that is considered among the most beautiful places on the planet.

The Antico Chiosco di Sferracavallo should be visited for several reasons in fact, first of all because it is a window on the sea and relaxes the mind, then for its spectacular seafood, delicate and delicious.  The products are all local and fresh, we would like to tell you the poem to taste the octopus of Capo Gallo or the prawns of Mazara, the mussels of our breeding, the oysters and the now unobtainable hedgehogs from the red eggs like a Sicilian sunset. Everything is poetry, the interweaving of taste, scents and colors can not be told, it must be experienced.
The courses of pasta with clams and mussels or the fresh “busiate allo scoglio”, are just a few verses of a wonderful Mediterranean melody.

The clean, traditional, folkloristic contents and elegant furnishings, offers a wonderful patio covered with 4 large umbrellas, perfect for lunch, ideal for a beautiful evening. Selected beers and wines accompany every course, including a delicious pizza prepared by a Sicilian doc.

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