Journey through natural wine in Cividale del Friuli

Italy, Cividale del Friuli (Udine) – It has become a must for all lovers of natural wine, for operators in the sector and for Italian and transalpine restaurateurs: the fourth edition of Borderwine, the cross-border exhibition of natural wine, is scheduled for Sunday 26 and Monday 27 May in Cividale del Friuli (UD).

If there will be many novelties, the location that wins does not change: this is why the organizers, Fabrizio Mansutti and Valentina Nadin, have decided to confirm the exhibition at the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle, a real pearl of the Friulian town.

Borderwine also confirms itself as an appointment that feeds the tourist industry of a fascinating town like Cividale del Friuli, capital of the first Lombard duchy in Italy and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011, putting in place since the first editions a collaboration with the accommodation facilities in the area.

Among the charming arcades of the Monastery, a food and wine tour that, in addition to enclosing the best of Italian natural wine, embraces the borders of the north-east: there will be over 60 wineries, 22 of them from nearby Austria and Slovenia.
A theme very dear to its creators, the cross-border one, being the FVG a land that has always been identified as a crossroads of influences, which have touched in particular also the food and wine culture. Another fundamental element is the drive that has allowed Borderwine to be born: love and respect for the “natural wine”.
To date, in fact, the exhibition in Cividale can be considered as an excellence in the Italian panorama dedicated to natural wine grown and produced according to strict parameters. The future of enology and agriculture, in fact, must increasingly take into account both respect for environmental resources and the possible harmful effects associated with the “chemistry” of wines.

In particular, on Sunday “Le bollicine e il caviale”, a unique food and wine pair, with six different producers of natural bubbles who will have their wines tasted with a memory to Ernesto Costaldilà, one of the best producers symbol of the natural approach to the world of refermented wine. A few hours ago, the closing tasting of the day was confirmed as a tribute to a pioneer of natural wine and a long-time supporter of the fair, Dario Princic and his family, as he likes to call them, “drinking wines”.

Among the events of Monday, a day dedicated to professionals, Carlo Nesler presents: The world of fermentation, “La Borgogna”, masterclass with Camillo Favaro, to continue with the special tasting with one of the masters of natural wine, the Gorizia Damijan Podversic.


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