Eternity Starts Here

Rome – The 87th edition of the CSIO in Rome Piazza di Siena – Master fratelli d’Inzeo, organized by FISE and CONI/Sport e Salute, is now underway. In the splendid oval inside Villa Borghese the first image that struck the many participants was the exceptionality of the turf where, from 23 to 26 May, the best binomial of world jumping will be compared. But the competition, like last season, will also host competitions in the second area, that of the Galoppatoio, starting from Monday 20th May. In 2019, the Roman competition therefore grows even more, bringing from four to seven days of competition and events.

No longer and not just an International Horse Racing Competition. Even if you wanted to, it could not be just that. Because Piazza di Siena is a work of art kept inside another work of art, the extraordinary Villa Borghese. And those who are its custodians have an enormous responsibility but also the privilege of spreading an indisputable heritage. So, if on the one hand the 87th edition of the International Equestrian Competition (CSIO) in Rome – Piazza di Siena – the third edition jointly organized by CONI and FISE, from a competitive point of view it will be the only gem recognized by international observers, on the other hand it represents the permanent exhibition of monuments, architecture and art that is Villa Borghese, opening up to the city and enhancing its artistic and architectural dimension.


Villa Borghese and Piazza di Siena: a unique setting in the world. The best riders and horses on the international scene, emotions not to end for an event that has always been the sporting event par excellence of the Roman spring. The Official International Horse Racing Competition of Rome – Master d’Inzeo is presented again this year with a rich and high-profile technical program and is spearhead and final moment of a week of great show that already Monday 20 will open the curtain. The schedule of international competitions provides, in fact, to anticipate the races that will take place in Piazza di Siena, both an international competition reserved for young horses (CSI/YH), both national competitions open to young and very young promises and amateurs. The competition area set up for the first time at the Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese last year passed its debut with flying colours and was the subject of further investment in upgrading. The Galoppatoio will host, together with the horse races, a new event: the International Polo Challenge (from Monday 20th to Wednesday 22nd), a tournament of Arena Polo, a fascinating discipline, to be discovered.

As many as nine teams are at the start of the Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup and the presence of practically all the main show jumping ‘powers’ confirms the great appeal that Piazza di Siena has at an international level. The list includes France, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the novelty of Israel and, of course, Italy called to defend the two victories won in the last two editions

To the nine flags of the teams of the Nations Cup will be added those represented by the Amazons and knights in competition on an individual basis. The deadline for registration is May 13 and before this date it will not be possible to formalize the starting field. Some ‘big’ jumping players have already confirmed their presence. Among these, the Swiss Steve Guerdat (Olympic champion in London 2012) and currently number one in the international ranking. Guerdat, who had finished 2018 in style by winning the Rolex IJRC Top Ten Final in Geneva, is also the fresh winner of the Gothenburg World Cup final: the third of his exceptional career.

The Italian representation will be made up of five riders who will make up the official team for the Nations Cup while others will be at the start only on an individual basis. Waiting for the branch of the convocations, three of them have already gained their presence in Piazza di Siena thanks – as established by the FISE Department Salto Ostacoli – to the conquest of a medal in occasion of the Absolute Italian Championships staged in San Giovanni in Marignano. They are Luca Marziani, Filippo Codecasa and Paolo Adorno (in gold order with Tokio du Soleil, silver with Giulio 8 and bronze with Fer Z.G.). Duccio Bartalucci will complete the Italian team concluding the convocations within the deadline. However, Bartalucci has already announced that in Rome will compete Lorenzo De Luca, best Italian in the international ranking and wonderful winner of the Rolex Gran Premio Roma 2018. Lorenzo the Magnificent” should present Ensor de Litrange LXII in the Nations Cup while riding Scuderia 1918 Halifax van het Kluizebos will defend the victory achieved last year in the Rolex Grand Prix Rome. Luca Marziani with Tokio du Soleil will also be part of the team, while at the start there will also be the other ‘first-tier’ pairs: Bruno Chimirri with Tower Mouche, Riccardo Pisani with Chaclot and Emanuele Gaudiano with Chalou. Lucia Le Jeune Vizzini with Loro Piana Filou de Muze, Michael Cristofoletti with Belony, Giulia Martinengo Marquet with Elzas and Paolo Paini with Ottava Meraviglia di Ca’ San Giorgio and Massimo Grossato with Lazzaro delle Schiave. Other names on the launch pad for Piazza di Siena are those of Piergiorgio Bucci, Alberto Zorzi and Gianni Govoni and veteran Roberto Arioldi.



Show in the show, thanks to the Air Force the National Acrobatic Patrol will return to fly over Villa Borghese during the CSIO. After the exciting passage of 2018, the first ever in the history of the equestrian competition, the appointment with the Frecce Tricolori is again set for the day of the Nations Cup, Friday, May 24. Last year, one of the most intense moments was the overflight of the PAN MB-339A Aermacchi, which designed the Italian flag in the sky during the prize-giving ceremony for the Italian winner of the Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup. It will therefore still be one of Italy’s excellences in the world, the National Acrobatic Patrol Frecce Tricolori, to underline the internationality of the Roman event through a show that is the pride and joy of the entire nation. The seal on the 87th edition of the CSIO in Rome – Piazza di Siena will still be affixed by the 4th Carabinieri Regiment on Horseback with its inevitable carousel. Before this, as every year, will take place the long-awaited carousels of the boys of Villa Buon Respiro and Lancieri di Montebello, respecting the tradition, will enrich once again the program of the Roman competition.



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