Arboricantum. The melodic orchestra of plants

Italy – Graziano Genoni and Lorenzo Arco, friends since ever, are the inseparable duo “Arboricantum” that with the help of technology make the leaves sing, better if fleshy. According to the duo, in fact, the plants would be a “living” instrument, made of sap and chlorophyll, so as to get involved with other instruments and form a real orchestra. Lorenzo, an electronics teacher, programmed a card with the Arduino software to create the instrument that detects the sound of living beings, with the complicity of electrodes and amplifiers connected to the leaves, the plants would emit velvety sounds. Arboricantum was not the first frontier of this ambitious aspiration, the first experiments date back to the beginning of the last century, but until the moment of the “miraculous” intervention of Lorenzo and Graziano, there was the production of loud sounds. The duo had the inspiration and the ingenuity to transform these sounds into melodies so as to compose a real musical group with the complicity of the plants to the point of organizing concerts.  Arboricantum perform only in suitable places, the place is crucial for the success of the exhibition, in fact, where there is too much crowd the plants clash. Incredible, isn’t it?

Graziano is a man who has always lived the stage, even with internationally famous artists, a man who has music in his blood, plays various instruments, from guitar to Oud, an Arabic lute that goes perfectly with the sound of plants. The mission of Arboricantum is to create moments of wonder and fun, the repertoire is extraordinary: Over the Rainbow, Imagine dei Beatles, Heroes by David Bowie and Djamballa a cult of the 70s. Their dream? Performing at the Planetarium or in a forest where nature becomes the author and audience at the same time, concerts “extraordinaire”.  Soon will be released their album dedicated to anyone who wants to experience this magic


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