Let’s free San Francesco del Prato

Italy – The whole of Parma, and not only, is centred around the restoration project of San Francesco del Prato, accompanied by a fundraiser and a rich programme of events aimed at supporting the rebirth of what is already a symbol of the “Italian Capital of Culture” for 2020.

To date, 3.5 million euros have been collected from Fondazione Cariparma, Crédit Agricole Italia, Famiglia Chiesi, Barilla, Faac and others. The work can count on the initiatives gathered under the motto “Liberiamo San Francesco del Prato”, promoted and coordinated by a committee created ad hoc to reopen the church to worship, but also to musical, academic and cultural events. Guided tours at high altitude (from July 2019 onwards) between the rays of the rose window and the decorations of the tiles, a crowdfunding that rewards the most generous supporters with a Franciscan box in recycled material, numbered one by one, containing the iron sections of the gratings (the church was also a prison), carefully cut at the junction. The case thus becomes the symbol of this rebirth after 200 years in prison.

And then the homage of the Fondazione Teatro Regio and the Festival Verdi with the premiere and staging in the yard of Luisa Miller directed by Lev Dodin (September and October 2019) are just some of the activities and events that make the entire operation something more than a simple architectural recovery. And it will be an opportunity to return the “sleeping giant” to the Franciscan community, which was driven out during the Napoleonic suppression of the nineteenth century.

If the world of football participates with the display of the banner “Together for St. Francis” during the match Parma-Milan April 20, 2019, even the swifts – to offer a home to which will be saved the holes pontaie present in the structure – have wanted to say their own, contributing to the green connotation of the intervention.

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