4 steps in ceramics

Italy – On Thursday 18 April at 5 p.m., in Pontedecimo (Ge) at the “Libro più” bookshop, the exhibition “Four steps in ceramics” will be inaugurated. To present the exhibition that will be open until April 28, will be Paolo Oneto with Tullio Mazzotti and Alberto Podestà will discuss the topic “Ceramics between history and future” and will tell of the “4 steps” covered by the review: Ancient Savona, futurism, design and antiques ceramics from the collection “Grone /Dellepiane”.

A “taste” of the “Saga of Mazzotti”, the most famous family of ceramists in the world, will be one of the pivots of the exhibition, as the Mazzotti of Albisola (Sv) were among the first to have opened the door of their workshop to artists and designers, with rare far-sightedness, even towards unripe talents that over time have become excellent, just think of names like Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Fortunato Depero, Farfa, Fillia, Diulgheroff, Lucio Fontana, Asger Jorn, Mimmo Rotella and Alessandro Mendini.

On this occasion will be exhibited the ceramic record tribute to Natalino Otto, Ligurian singer and musician, initiator of the genre swing in Italy in the 30’s. For the occasion will be present the daughter of the singer Silvia Codognotto Sandon and the musician Ettore Vigo Delirium.


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