Secret dinners in unusual places

Austria – Culinary festivals, farmers’ markets, gastronomic excursions: here are all the tasty appointments to discover the region of Kufsteinerland (in Tyrol, Austria). In this corner of Austria, nestled between mountains and idyllic lakes, gastronomic events are an additional excuse to fall in love with this area, which in addition to sports, recreation, wellness and cultural offers bewitches the tradition of good Tyrolean cuisine. In the picturesque villages, all on a human scale, there are many events that will delight the palate, from unique culinary experiences in secret places to the last and traditional festivals in intimate village squares.

From 3 May to 13 September 2019: secret dinners

Kufsteinerland loves to impress its guests: once a month an unusual dinner is organised in a magical place with a special menu. You can dine on an old farm, in the fortress, in an attic. Certainly not in a traditional restaurant. The address (and menu) are only revealed at the last minute. The table set for 20 people becomes an original appointment, reserved for those who appreciate the authenticity of the area, which invites you to let go and rely on the art of Tyrolean hospitality. This event is called Natur.Küche and includes a 4-course dinner, including wine, based on typical ingredients at Km0. On May 3, on the occasion of the cultural and musical event of the year “Passionsspiele”, the dishes are dedicated to the Passion and the location is set up in a place (unknown until the last) in Erl. On 15 June it is the turn of the village of Ebbs: the theme of the evening is secret cuisine. On July 5, the dinner is in the “capital” of Kufsteinerland, or the town of Kufstein, home of the most famous historical company of glasses, Riedel, the title of the evening is “Glas.Küche”. On 2 August in Bad Häring, the cuisine is “vital”, while on 13 September the last appointment with the mysterious dinner returns to Kufstein and the dishes are dedicated to the surrounding mountains, the chain of the Kaisergebirge. (Cost: 65 euros per person)

KUlinaria from 10 to 12 May 2019

The Street Food Market Festival creates a festive atmosphere full of flavours and aromas in the Fischergries area along the River Inn. In this 3,000 m² area, from 10 to 12 May, many stands and stalls will be offering not only Austrian cuisine, but international and creative recipes, with artists, chefs, wine and culinary experts ranging from exotic spices, innovative cooking techniques, forgotten vegetables, 0 km ingredients and distant recipes. The specialties are for all tastes: for lovers of meat, vegetarian, vegan, Asian, Mediterranean and, of course, Austrian cuisine; of course, you can not miss the cheeses, bacon and homemade brandy, beer produced in the area, bacon dumplings, dumplings of pressed cheese, made with mountain cheese or Tyrolean gray cheese, the classic Tyrolean “Gröstl”, the “Marend”, which is served as a snack or light meal, consisting of bacon, cheese, horseradish and farm bread. From 10 to 12 May Kufstein becomes the place of flavours: KUlinaria is the explosion of creativity linked to food and its culture.

Kufstein Wine Festival

White, red and rosé wines, fruity, velvety and floral. The Wine Festival is totally dedicated to wine, which is tasted in the setting of Kufstein, between the mountains of Kaisergebirge, the austere fortress overlooking the hill and the magical Tyrolean landscapes. The Kufstein Wine Festival differs in that the town is home to the world’s most famous glass factory: Riedel Glass Kufstein. The wine is served here in the right glass, with a shape created specifically to enhance the specific scents of a wine. The winegrowers of Kufstein’s partner towns, such as Langenlois and Rovereto, offer their wines in their own glasses: tasting becomes a complex art, ranging from taste to sight. Info: free admission, from Friday to Saturday, from 5pm, City Park Kufstein, with live music.


12 September 2019 “Behind the scenes”: culinary evening in Niederndorf

Behind the scenes

Traditional Tyrolean specialities, Alpine scents of typical recipes and above all the scent of bread; what you discover when you enter the village baker’s workshop, where you feel immersed in the reassuring scent of freshly baked bread. On 12 September, you can take a peek behind the scenes, enter the small craft businesses of Niederndorf and see how the various products are produced. It is the only day of the year when you can immerse yourself in the culture and tradition of this small Tyrolean village. Every entrepreneur is looking for a “culinary ally” to surprise visitors with regional delicacies outside of their own shop. And so it can happen that a gourmet chef cooks between the carpenter’s banquets, who becomes a gourmet destination for the occasion. A regional festival with regional ingredients to discover the gastronomy and craftsmanship of the eight villages of Kufsteinerland.

Typical products: cheeses

Among the local products, the tasty cheeses made from the milk of free grazing cows deserve a mention: in Niederndorf, the Hatzenstädt alpine pasture has been producing Emmental and Alpine cheese of the highest quality for over 70 years, with organic ingredients of controlled origin, always following the same recipe and using pure and uncontaminated spring water, silage-free milk, natural rennet and salt. Also in Niederndorf, the Plangger dairy uses organic milk thanks to the cultivation of pastures without chemical fertilizers: the cows feed on rich and nutritious hay, dried slowly; the cheese is aged and left to mature in special dairies to acquire a unique and special flavor. Another renowned cheese factory is Ackernalm in Thiersee, the largest and most modern cheese factory in Austria, an award-winning cheese temple.

Grappa: the gold of Kufsteinerland

The art of making distillates is also an ancient tradition in the Kufsteinerland, which dates back many centuries. The “Tiroler Schnapsroute”, the grappa route, is an exciting route where you can taste the various distillates, often made from fruit. The route branches off into 4 routes that lead to a total of 37 companies, where you can discover the meticulous work of distillation. Not only do you taste the distillates: some distilleries organize real courses to learn this ancient art. “Zum Messerschmied” in Ebbs is one of the most active: taking part in the course or attending the guided tour, you will learn all about the harvesting of native fruit, the maceration and the careful extraction of noble spirits and fine liqueurs. With the guided tasting you start to distinguish and describe the various aromas, tasting or just sniffing the distillate. Other addresses not to be missed: “Bliem” in Langkampfen, “Höck” and “Stix” in Thiersee.

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