Music for the Social is the innovative project of the tenor Francesco Grollo

Italy – With his art he even made the soul of the Italian Acrobatic Patrol “Frecce Tricolore” vibrate, so much so that it became its official “voice”. A voice of rare beauty is that of the tenor Francesco Grollo who made his debut at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice with the role of “F.B.Pinkerton” in “MADAMA BUTTERFLY” by G.Puccini and then ahead with a carousel of hits without stopping that has made the heart of the most beautiful and famous theaters in the world pulsate. But this is not enough for Francesco. His art is full of strength, beauty, courage and wants to make it available to the public very often unable to participate in person at concerts, cultural events related to music, especially opera, the greatest Italian Beauty. This is how Gran Concerto “Musica per il Sociale” was born, a project dedicated to the whole of society, without exclusions, to the world of disability, guaranteeing them transport and adequate accommodation to attend the musical event at the place of performance, to those who live a limiting economic suffering, to those who are in an educational age and it is good that they know the wonder of our traditions and our culture. Opera is an extraordinary world that includes different skills but unfortunately it is difficult to tell, explain and propose to young people. The Grand Concert “Music for the Social” is deliberately designed for large organic *Symphony Orchestra (45/80 elements) and Opera Choir (60/80 elements), one or more solo voices and an actor / presenter, the latter, in addition to communicating to the public the aims of the project, will involve the listeners accompanying them, with the narration, through the musical path in execution; the public must “feel” and be an integral part of the show.

The Grand Concert “Music for the Social” takes place in the squares and offers educational and constructive moments but above all they want to be moments of joy, a flight of the soul that leads to discover new horizons, new perspectives. A further peculiarity of this project is that the event does not turn into a fundraiser, admission is free for all. Thanks to all these characteristics, today the project is for the attention of the Ministry of Family and Disability with particular interest expressed by the Undersecretary Dr. Vincenzo Zoccano.
The first Grand Concert was held in a small town in the province of Treviso overlooking the Piave, by the will of the Mayor who wanted to experiment with this new initiative but soon, given the result, was contagious for other municipalities.
Just tomorrow, March 28, at 20.45, in Spresiano (Treviso) will be held the Grand Concert “Music for the Social” and as usual will host anyone who wants to participate.


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