In the footsteps of Mary of Nazareth

Israel – Tracing the footsteps of Mary, over two thousand years later, is now possible thanks to a new guided tour in the Tzippori National Park. The excursion along the “Mary’s Route” takes place in the evening by the light of some lanterns, and retraces the key places of the childhood of the mother of Jesus, scattered between Nazareth and its surroundings. This is a great new occasion for the pilgrims who every year from all over the world choose Israel as their destination, since in these enchanting places they can almost touch with their own hands the signs left by one of the most venerated figures in Christianity.

The tour begins with the remains of a Roman theatre dating back to the first century AD, carved into a rock face and overlooking the valley of Bet Netofa and the hills of northern Galilee. Even today, two millennia after its inauguration, this place occasionally hosts events and concerts. Not far away, always within the boundaries of the park of Tzippori, you can visit an ancient water tank (always Roman) and walk inside it, several meters below the surface.

From there you can reach the remains of a Jewish residential district, dating from between the first and second century AD. The area has been completely restored, so much so that today it is possible to retrace the avenues again until you reach a Roman villa, characterized by beautiful mosaics (including the “Mona Lisa of Galilee”). One of the most important ones, divided into four parts, decorates the floor of a large synagogue dating back to the late Byzantine era and depicts some scenes from the Bible along with the 12 zodiac signs.

The last stop of the tour is a fortress built under the Crusades, from the roof of which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city of Nazareth. Inside the walls, however, there are several exhibitions on the history of the city and on the many archaeological finds that have seen the light over the past decades.


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