Palermo. Tales, stories and mysteries of Santa Rosalia

Palermo, Italy  – Saturday, March 30 at 16.00 at the Sanctuary of Santa Rosalia in Montepellegrino – Palermo, will be held the first event that opens #aspettandoilfestino2019, a calendar of meetings designed by Vincenzo Montanelli and Lollo Franco, which will lead to the 395th Festino with the aim of involving the people of Palermo in every step of his party.

To welcome the faithful, devotees or just curious will be Don Gaetano Ceravolo, regent of the Sanctuary, which from 16.00 in the square in front will begin to tell the most significant steps related to the history and worship of the Sanctuary between dreams, visions, miracles and legends.

From the square, for the first time in the history of the Festino, there will be a connection with New York in particular with Radio Hofstra University, one of the realities that is promoting the event to the Italian communities abroad. The story will continue inside the cave of the Sanctuary, where Don Ceravolo will show the signs and testimonies still visible, completing, at the foot of the Statue of the Sanctuary, the story, before the celebration of Holy Mass that will begin at the end of the meeting.

It will also be possible to access the “Rooms of the treasure of Santa Rosalia”, a small but rich museum that preserves unique objects, including a silver galley, ex-voto ship of 130 x 100 cm with a weight of about 20 kg, found in the Old Chest, restored room, once used as a warehouse and warehouse, also the subject of the visit, a place that between 1600 and 1700 kept what is now on display in the ancient “Council Hall”.

The event will also include a musical moment curated by the Mozart Quartet, composed by Davide Mazzamuto, Marcella Napolitano, Carmelita Di Marco and Nicola Timiras, who will perform, during the afternoon, pieces from the repertoire of the Austrian composer.

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