Rome. The Bersaglieri fanfare returns through the streets of Trastevere

Rome – Since January, an old tradition has been revived: the Bersaglieri fanfare around the streets of Trastevere. A periodical monthly presence that wants to revive the historical binomial existing since 1870 between the Bersaglieri and the Trasteverini.

In 1873, with the return of Rome to the capital of Italy, an area of the Capuchin convent complex in Via Anicia was designated for the construction of the “La Marmora” barracks, which would become the home of a Bersaglieri regiment. The structure, after having been subjected to works of adaptation, became the seat of the 2nd Rgt. target from 1875 to 1944. During the Second World War, in 1944, the regiment was sent to fight in the Greek-Albanian theatre of war and since then has not returned to its headquarters in Rome.  The Trastevere barracks, at the end of the world war, was partly destined to the National Association of Bersaglieri and in 1970, by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage, was completely renovated as it stands today.
Over all these years the Bersaglieri have always made their presence felt. There have always been runway shows with the fanfare in the lead through the streets and squares of Trastevere. It is enough to remember the festival “de noantri” where it is tradition the participation of the fanfare that goes to meet to step of race and playing to the Madonna of the Carmine to its arrival in procession to San Crisogono.
Today, thanks to an agreement between the Bersaglieri Association of Rome and the I Municipio, we wanted to restore lustre to this old tradition, allowing the Fanfare “Nulli Secundus” of Rome to go out to Trastevere to the sound of the most engaging notes of the marches of the bersaglieri. The exit is scheduled once a month (usually the second Monday of the month), in the evening after 20.00. This is the heartfelt homage of the Fanfara and the Bersaglieri to the trasteverines who have always shown their closeness and admiration for the mythical men in plumed hats. The next appointment with the bersaglieri is scheduled for Monday evening, March 11 in Piazza S. Francesco

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