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White hair? Don’t worry

The first white hair has come out betrayingly! Who before and who after, happens that the hair slowly starts to get greasy. Don’t panic, from the age of 20 the natural phenomenon of dogs, or the appearance of the first white hair, is absolutely physiological, caused mainly by two factors, namely the lack of melanin, so the hair loses its original color, and the discoloration of the pigment of the hair itself, which becomes increasingly clear. Natural phenomena accentuated by stress, smoke and UV rays and, above all, by an absolutely personal genetic issue: things that, certainly, should not send into fibrillation but which can easily be remedied especially if you act promptly.

“The beginning of the enchantment process is not irreversible: although the hair appears grey, it still contains melanocytes that can be activated to stimulate the synthesis of melanin at the root and optimize its transfer into the hair fiber” explains Dr. Maddalena Montalbano, dermatologist and specialist in aesthetic medicine in Milan.

The innovation comes from France: after identifying the mechanism behind the appearance of white hair was born a new home product – and revolutionary – that reactivates the color of the hair making them return to the color before the enchantment. It is a lotion containing a biometic tetrapeptide, extracted from the purple tulip, which stimulates the production of melanin and reactivates the pigmentation of the hair from the root to the stem.

A study conducted on men and women aged between 18 and 50 years with white hair between 10 and 30% showed, after 3 months of treatment, a natural repigmentation of white hair at 40%. All this, modifying even the less visible structure of the hair – which causes fragility, weakness and the feared frizz – giving back to the hair the brightness and strength typical of young age.

Of course it is a matter of applying the product daily and having a percentage of white hair less than 30% …. but with a simple trick, the white hair will be a vague memory!

If it is true that some white thread should not cause concern, a separate speech is dedicated to a sudden enchantment that can be caused by various diseases, such as a manifestation of vitiligo, an alteration of the thyroid or a lack of vitamin B12. In these cases it is better to consult the dermatologist immediately, who will prescribe the necessary clinical examinations and some blood tests sufficient to exclude the problems.

It is also possible to delay the enchantment thanks to a correct diet rich in certain foods based on a diet rich in foods containing all the substances that are used to grow strong and healthy hair.

“To fight white hair at the table, first of all, we need vitamins, important for the health of the whole body, and in particular those of group B, fundamental for the health of hair, which are found in abundance in foods of animal origin – such as eggs, liver, fish, especially tuna and salmon, milk and beef and pork,” explains Dr. Montalbano. “Among the foods of vegetable origin, wholegrain cereals, walnuts and green leafy vegetables should be preferred.

Other important vitamins are A, C and E, antioxidants capable of counteracting the free radicals responsible for aging, which are found in yellow, orange and red fruits and vegetables.

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