Val di Fassa Panorama Music, the music festival on the snow

Val di Fassa (Trentino Alto Adige) –  Rock ‘n’ roll on the rocks. But also blues, funk, pop and traditional jazz, always served rigorously frozen. Literally: the concerts of Val di Fassa Panorama Music are all held at high altitudes, outdoors, creating an exciting combination of live music, winter sports and snow-covered Dolomite landscapes. The fourth edition of the festival will be held from 23 March to 7 April in Val di Fassa: for the calendar it is already spring, but the spirit at high altitude is still winter, allowing you to combine the pleasure of listening to music to that of the descents on the ski slopes still fully functional.

The new programme aligns ten concerts, all free of charge and always starting at 12 noon, which will be held on the panoramic terraces of refuges located in strategic points of the ski areas of the valley: Baita Checco (Catinaccio ski area, Vigo di Fassa), Chalet Cima Uomo and Baita Paradiso (Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino ski area, Passo San Pellegrino), Chalet Valbona (Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino ski area, Moena), Rifugio Ciampolin (Belvedere ski area, Canazei), Baita Cuz (Buffaure ski area, Pozza di Fassa), Rifugio Des Alpes (Col Rodella ski area, Campitello di Fassa), Rifugio Ciampac (Ciampac ski area, Alba di Canazei), Rifugio Fodom (Passo Pordoi ski area). All the concert venues are selected to be reached on skis; it is also possible to reach almost all the refuges on foot, using the ski lifts.

Val di Fassa Panorama Music is organised by the cableway companies of Val di Fassa, in collaboration with the Val di Fassa Tourist Board.

Val di Fassa Panorama Music 2019 will climb for the first time Saturday, March 23, reaching the Baita Paradiso (ski area Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino, Passo San Pellegrino, Moena). Here we will listen to Savana Funk by guitarist Aldo Betto: electric and vibrant funk and blues, dirty enough, with rock ‘n’ roll grafts and Afro hues. With the sound flow full of biting, Savana Funk will then grant an encore, returning to perform on Sunday 24 at the Rifugio Ciampolin (ski area Belvedere, Canazei).

After a few days off, the peaks of the Val di Fassa will resonate again thanks to the energetic blues tones of guitarist and singer Dan Martinazzi. His “Blues & Roots” trio will also have two opportunities to enjoy the slopes: Thursday 28th March at the Rifugio Ciampac (Alba di Canazei) and Friday 29th at the Chalet Valbona (ski area Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino, Moena).

With the Tiger Dixie Band the music will follow new coordinates. The sextet specializes in the classical jazz styles of New Orleans and Chicago: dixieland, ragtime, charleston, with their typical atmospheres, as well as the guarantee of a repertoire created and made immortal by artists such as Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller and Bix Beiderbecke. Also for them two natural stages: Saturday, March 30 that of the Baita Checco (ski area Catinaccio, Vigo di Fassa) and Sunday, March 31 that of the Baita Cuz (ski area Buffaure, Pozza di Fassa).

The “candy pop rock” music of Five to Ten, a trio that revolves around the voice of Silvia De Santis, is light and inviting: they will be heard on Thursday 4 April at the Chalet Cima Uomo (ski area Alpe Lusia San Pellegrino, Passo San Pellegrino, Moena) and then again on Friday 5 at the Rifugio Des Alpes (Col Rodella, Campitello di Fassa).

Two leaders who bring with them the history of the best national pop, rock and blues: drummer Ellade Bandini and singer and guitarist Alan Farrington join forces to create a quintet that draws its repertoire from the album of the best memories of the two artists. Splash on soul, blues, rock, funk and you’ll have a great festival finale: Saturday, April 6 at Chalet Valbona and then Sunday, April 7 at Rifugio Fodom (ski area Passo Pordoi).

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