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The Montegallo collection at the Tranoi in Paris

Montegallo will present its FW19_20 collection at the TRANOI Exhibition in Paris, which will take place between 1 and 4 March in Carrousel Du Luvre, Salle Soufflot.

Montegallo’s FW19_20 collection is the synthesis of an intellectual journey, to distant places, explored by the mind through multiple states of mind. The protagonist, with her impeccable style, wears the “hat” suitable for the single look, travelling around places in search of a dream. Every place is a perfect set, with the exception of the theatre, to show off the new models of Montegallo from the cowboy jewel with the scarab to the wool scarf with the maxi braids. The peculiarities and refinement of the workmanship that characterize this new trip FW Montegallo, are the pieces strictly handmade in Italy. The main materials are wool felts, fine lapin, Harris Tweed and the best Italian wools and yarns, enhanced through the processing and the different combinations. The colors that brush the color stains of the hats are the classic blue, bright white, elegant camel color and for the capsules Fedora, all shades of pastel, to bring back a note of spring in the cold gray of winter. Braids are the real protagonists of the collection, from straw to wool and suede. The absolute novelty of the collection are the hat scarf and the wool berret made of pure wool, to play with taste and choose the accessory out of the ordinary to differentiate your style.

After the experimentation with straw and tweed with which Montegallo won the prestigious title of winner of the last edition of White, ‘INSIDE WHITE AWARDS’, the designer Alice Catena continues to play with noble shapes and materials combined with woven straw, introducing winter bags with wool sides.

The must have is the bucket in straw and sheepskin or in wool and leather for a simple but sophisticated and refined look.

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